‘Love is a many splendored thing’ – Shakespeare

That renowned, enduring playwright certainly knew a lot, wrote a lot and understood a lot about love!

And whilst love is indeed ‘a many splendored thing’ it also comes with many frustrations and difficulties and affairs of the heart often don’t run to an ordered program.

Shakespeare also penned ‘The course of love never did run smooth’.

So often, with my clients who are, in every other way in their lives, so organised, disciplined and ‘together’…when it comes to their relationships with others, their lives seem to be a crumbling, over-emotional, thwarted mess!

Not just their romantic relationships, but also their relationships with family, friends and colleagues.

What are you attracting and calling in?

When I am mentoring them, the first question that I ask is why they think that their relationships go sour, fail to live up to expectations and often end in disappointment and disillusionment.

Invariably they will say…

“I constantly attract the wrong kind of partner”.….Or “It didn’t work because we wanted different things”…Or “ It just wasn’t meant to be”...Or the best ones yet…”I stuffed up” and…’Maybe I should lower my bar’...!!! What?

As if the universe was in some way conspiring against them to deliver to them a broken, half-hearted, shabby relationship….because they are in some way…not deserving of better.

Let’s get one thing straight here. The universe is not conspiring against anyone, quite the opposite, the universe is waiting for you to step up and claim everything that you desire for your absolute happiness.

It’s all about your state of readiness.

One of my best-selling, most requested and much-loved programs is Love Up which the essence of is, how to attract and call in your soulmate and the soulful relationship that you dream about.


Often, when I mention that it is possible to step up and learn how to understand and embody the divine union codes so you can attract the soulmate partner of your dreams, that it is simply an understanding of and harnessing of the highest frequency of love and soul connection, I am met with complete astonishment.


Because their history, their past hurts and their expectations are all telling them that this is not something that is ever going to happen for them. And, frankly, they are ‘gun shy’ and are reluctant to open themselves up to others in any way again, to avoid the inevitable hurt and raft of disappointments.

Then, when I tell them that it is possible, through understanding and clarity of these codes to call in their ideal soul match….fast. They are even more incredulous.

Which is what, of course, I instruct and teach alongside JuanPa, in our renowned program – Love Up. 

Love Up is an 8-week, online journey into a divinely inspired online immersion into the highest frequency of love and soul connection on all levels.

However, Love Up is not just for those wanting to find their ideal soulmatch…


It is also for those who are already in a relationship and wanting to amplify what they both desire from the relationship and how they can grow together purposefully. And, an exploration of past trauma and hurt around relationships of all types and on all levels, so that one can self heal and rebuild relationship bridges, where desired.


So, what are you waiting for? Let’s take the first step towards healing and calling in your amazing soulmate relationships, together

I love you!

And remember…

You Absolutely Can Have It All!

Have a look at Love Up and the rest of my amazing suite of programs, courses, articles, podcasts, blogs, and mind-blowing audio and video resources HERE.

Regan x