Thoughts From a Complete Blackout.

Have you ever had the feeling that with the pace of your life, work, multiple obligations and the general busy-ness that you are experiencing each and every day, that you can relate to that somewhat old, but humorous saying “Stop the world, I want to get off!” ?

Recently, I underwent a total communications, digital and contact blackout, over a ten day period, in Peru. JuanPa and I had just completed our Releasing Into Abundance retreat in Peru and those of you who have journeyed with us on this retreat of self-discovery and manifestation of abundance, will know that not only is participation in this immersion a full-on experiential transformation, hosting it is also a completely immersive and energetic journey.

With hosting Releasing Into Abundance, we are the servers, we facilitate and encourage. We work alongside the Peruvian Grandmothers to assist bringing into our participants’ reality their desired upgrades, energetic visions, goals and transformations. Within this particular retreat there is a lot of love, effort and high-energy that is expended one-to-one and post retreat, we find ourselves completely, emotionally and physically drained. In a good way, but it is still a marathon effort on our behalf.

Essentially, the ten day blackout was our own private version of Releasing Into Abundance – in Peru and after the whirlwind that 2023 was for us, we needed to re-set, recalibrate, regenerate and re-adjust, facilitated by the nurturing power of the Peruvian Grandmothers, and in this space, we were the receivers, essentially attending our own retreat. The purpose of this was to calibrate and set our own frequencies; clear, heal, “walk the talk” and intensify our future input into our next set of Releasing Into Abundance retreats.

Why Peru?

Currently Peru is the centre of the earth’s Kundalini energy, an intensity of life-force vitality and the heart of the sacred, ancient learnings of the Peruvian Sharmans. It is why we hold Releasing Into Abundance, in rural Peru. We have a special relationship with the Peruvian Grandmothers who assist our participants to tap into the next layers of their vision and clear and release what is holding them back. It made absolute sense, after hosting our most recent retreat to stay on and recalibrate with these beautiful, learned souls for our own mental, physical and spiritual refreshment and enhancement.

Why That Time Of Year?

2023 for me was epic. It has been an amazing year full of learning and, yes, it has had its challenges, most years do, but essentially I have called in and manifested fantastic company evolution, growth and expansion. I have seen my vision for The Nest Costa Rica coming into reality with the physical construction progress and continue to nurture and build an amazing, stable, loyal, engaged soulmate tribe team. It has been a full-on, but awesome year.

The festive season, including welcoming in a new year, has a specific vibe, even across many different cultures. With this time of year comes obligations, celebrations, social gatherings, material acquisitions, specific food and beverage offerings and communication that is often from past, long ago social engagement. Essential to the festive season is the rush, the hussle, bustle and thorough driven immersion into the material, external world.

The blackout dates of 20th – 30th December were specifically chosen to disconnect from exactly this hype, as well as the renewal and upskilling that I’ve previously mentioned. It was a completely opposite vortex, an opposing vibe. It was total stillness and a complete juxtaposition from the celebratory festive season. It was a digital detox, but of a superior nature and with additional benefits.


So many people live their lives completely connected to their phones, social media and the way they define themselves by their obligations. Even on holiday or a break, they can’t distance themselves from their devices. We are now, as a race, 100% contactable 24/7 and the discipline and ability required in turning off and away from our devices is being lost.

What Did I Learn?

Gosh! What I didn’t learn is more like it! Initially, it was hard. I thought it was going to be hard, and it was! As I, like many others, run my businesses via digital media. I keep in contact with family and friends this way and I am completely 100% online. I struggled with not checking my devices and the complete silence. Not talking or communicating is a complete anathema to me! Completing a blackout requires some adjustment.

However, very quickly, I did the ‘human thing’ and adapted, and the joy in that transformation was palpable. I completely changed my patterns and my way of being. Routines disappeared. I was forced to notice not only the beauty in silence, but the intensity of the natural beauty that surrounded me. Colours seemed more intense, simple food without processing chemicals and without added oils or sugar, tasted magnificent. I was returned and reset to full, complete awareness of my surroundings, physically and sensorially. It amplified my gratitude and appreciation for the earth and my situation.

In addition, under the guidance of the Peruvian Grandmothers, who lovingly steered me through the appreciation of their indigenous, sacred plants and trees and who facilitated my tapping into the next layers of my vision, I refreshed and ground anew. Entering into the knowledge that everything is indeed a frequency and I was able to calibrate my own, particular new frequency of light that has been honed to make me untouchable. Untouchable from outside forces that might judge me and want to see me fail in my objectives.


It made me appreciate fully the relationships that are around me, colleagues, clients and family and it has changed my relationship with my phone! In addition, an appreciation of the beauty and the magic of life that is rolling past me.

Would I do It Again?

A thousand times… YES! In fact, I am booked to repeat this experience, at the same time of year, at the end of this year, because I know that 2024 is going to be equally, if not more epic than 2023. Again, we are commencing the blackout after the last Releasing Into Abundance – in Peru, 2024 retreat. I would suggest that everyone should try a total blackout and the first step towards achieving this state of enlightenment and transformation is joining me on one of our 2024 retreats with  Releasing Into Abundance – In Peru.

Regan x