Soul Remembrance Retreat

Ange Wilcock

“Wow! This morning I called upon my Goddess of strength & smashed all my 10X goals in the gym! 💕 my PT asked what I had been doing over the last week to gain so much strength? My response “just operating from my soul” 👼🏻🙏🏻💕.”

Anna Davila

“This retreat changed my life! I was asking for an accelerated path and I freaking got it. Thx you so much Regan Anne Hillyer Juan Pablo Barahona and everyone that was a part of this experience”

Video Testimonials

Tinnie Garlington

OMG!!! So each morning I take my followers on my daily drive with me to encourage and uplift them and disrupt their minds for just a moment to believe again. Well, this morning I was in an unusual flow. All of a sudden the artist within me released an unexpected gift. I mean it blew my mind when I had the opportunity to think about what I said. All I can say is that ‘i’m about to unleash something that will serve people in ways that will cause them to be aware of how being HAPPY serves them in ways that being unhappy and not taking a chance on themselves. Oh…how ‘i’m grateful for this journey towards discovering how to use my creativity to serve first so that the wealth and abundance that belongs to me can greet me with open arms because I didn’t sacrifice and burry the artist within.

Cyndilu Miller

Lesson 7: Aligned Action – it was actually FINISHING this course! haha… and I am going to take this all into my future as I revisit this again… and again… and again in the years to come… Thank you – so excited to have been a part of this course! I am looking forward to continuing to create my own courses… Woohoo!!! and I will continue to sing sing sing… wherever a door opens for that to happen. Blessings and Peace to you all!

Lilja Bjarnadóttir

‘i’m literally BLOWN AWAY over how much content I’ve generated during the content challenge! ‘i’m going over some of my journals (always use pen and paper) and pulling out the content that I will use for my membership videos, and it’s just endless! And when I write it out, more comes flooding through 🙂
Just wanted to share with you content machines because this feels so good! I absolutely KNOW that I will never run out of content. How powerful is that!
Have an amazing day everyone!

Tara Brown

Super satisfied with myself right now!! I started this 30 day challenge with no clear direction on what I was creating and what seemed like 100’s of sub-messages about my passion and why I was creating what I had started in my businesses..
But just now, I feel like I just nailed my TRUE MESSAGE! My core purpose and passion of what I am here to share with the world!!! And how this inter-links between my businesses and what I have created so far but also how I can continue to make this bigger and create massive impact! Huge ah-ha moment and huge satisfaction!!
Thank you Regan Anne Hillyer and everyone here for the support to get me to this day!! So much love for you all xoxo

5 Week Success Mindset Intensive

Meegan Gibson

I loved today’s recording… I got so many take aways… embracing overwhelm for one, WOW… I always thought that meant I should take a break… love thinking of it as the moment that proceeds the breakthrough and keep going. Also, sleep manifestation!!!!! YES… so incorporating this into my practice starting tonight.

Ilze Jaunzeme

On upper upper limits. Super happy and grateful for this tool!! It makes all the difference for me to be able to get past resistance to the future I want to call in!

Chizelle Sharon

Ooh this course is amazing Regan!!!! Going deeper than I have in a long time

Wealth Creation Intensive

Olga Alcazar Carlson

You are a great inspiration! I believe I found you as a result of my work and after reading You are a badass at making money. Jen Sincero mentions finding a mentor that will push you to go deep. Can’t wait to meet you in LA!

Mandy Gibbonsr

Just as I’d made one of the biggest investments ever in a very high end 7 figure coach… I saw Regan Anne Hillyer’s vid about WCI. I was like “shit!”… As I was just in the midst of changing all my bank stuff around – up-levelling… bringing on the abundance… 🙂 My money was tied up in the process of that. Anyway I spoke with Regan… then put a rocket up the backside of everything I was doing mindset wise, abundance wise… Made it happen… Signed up with WCI, then BLAM… within 24 hours of doing that I had a 6 month 1:1 coaching client sign up with me.
Success mindset on fire! And doing it all from a deep soul place of alignment.
Mandy xoxo 💖🎉💝😘

Online Empire Builder

Tara Daylami

I’ve long been one to speak my Truth. But being part of this space and part of OEB is helping me be even more clear, succinct, and direct. Just as we all must be in life and in our relationships, if we want to save our energy for the things that really matter. 🦋❤️🦋

Corinne Winn

Whoop whoop! So so far I’ve followed through with everything and have just delivered week 1 of my first ever program!! I only got 1 paying person on it but it’s a start and ‘i’m doing everything ‘i’m meant to be doing and it can only get better with the more that I do. Yay! Time to now follow through with the last few bits before I have then done absolutely everything I learnt at the mastermind 🎉🎉

Adriana Mendez-Snowden

Loved every part of the training! When I signed up I wasn’t sure if it was for me as I just have realized what I want to do, my mission and that all my pain had a purpose and that why not? By
helping I could turn that into profit.
Massive breakthroughs, destroying limiting beliefs, every time I have doubts about ‘can I really do this’? I go to : * start where you are right now
* act from the person you want to become and as if ‘i’m already where I want to be. It always helps me and brings back my ‘dream big” me!
So much to work on but I am ready, committed and passionate about it !

Video Testimonial
Build A Soulmate Team

Fabi Thommen

My biggest thank to you Regan Anne Hillyer and also to you wonderful like-minded friends in this group!
I have shifted so much in the last few weeks, my heart is full of love, gratitude, trust, happiness and desire to uplevel more and more.
I want to celebrate my new life with all of you!
I am excited to hear from your shifts and breakthroughs!

Marga Valverde

Thank you Regan and everyone on this group!
My name is Margarita, So nice to meet you all!
I am very passionate about creating my own life, learning everything I need to move in life with passion for what I do, helping people and organizations that impact the world, being a team player, a positive leader AND I also love digital marketing, collaborative businesses and personal reinvention.
I am here cause I am ready to step into what makes me great as a female leader. I want to help other amazing Spanish speaking women like me.

Video Testimonial
Other Testimonials

Clare Coffield

Totally fantastic Regan Anne Hillyer Loved it! Thank you so much XXX

Marina Keeling

Regan Anne Hillyer I feel I will eternally be indebted to you for your gracious authenticity, your undeniable consistency & generosity of spirit…. you awaken the very souls of everyone who is lucky enough to bask in the brilliance of the ‘life glow’ that radiates around you😘x

Video Testimonial
Tapping Into Your SuperPower

Tasha Moselen

I have been doing my homework from Lisa Nichols every day & it’s been going ok, hard at times but doing it. Last night I rewatched the recording & then did my homework & it dawned on me that I had not been keeping eye contact. I stood & just stared at myself….then started again….
I have never had a conversation like this with myself. I don’t think I have ever stared at myself….this I feel is the start of something magnificent…
I woke up this morning feeling energised & ready for today 😁
Thank you Lisa & Regan Anne Hillyer for giving us this opportunity ❤️

Tina Overby Cleveland

I freakin did it!!!!… I did the thing I was soooo afraid to do for fear of judgement. I did a FB live to tell people a little bit of what I am up to. I gave myself until 6/30/17 but today is 6/28/17. I am soo damn proud of myself. WHOOT WHOOT. I did say I would do this periodically… oh oh lol Thank you Lisa and Regan and Tribe to help me get out of my comfort zone. ‘i’m doing things I normally wouldn’t do and going to say things I normally wouldn’t say. I feel this is just the beginning. I CAN do this. I WANT MORE!!!! I CAN have it ALL!!!

Video Testimonial
7 Days To A Kick Ass New You!

Tonia Koodrin

I love this so much! I didn’t want to come out. I was still dancing away after you said to open your eyes 😆 ‘i’m discovering pain is my motivator for wealth, career and pleasure for health and life

Melissa A Porter

Finished Day 7 training and THANK GOODNESS I did it. I have much much more clarity on who I am and ‘i’m going to OWN IT! For years I’ve been saying that ‘i’m ‘just’ a teacher and to be honest was a little embarrassed telling people when asked. Don’t get me wrong I loveeeee teaching but I just felt that I wasn’t doing enough to deserve the ‘title’.
However, the training has just solidified my identities and ‘i’m proud of them and going to OWN THEM like nobody’s business! (as should all of you!)
To you all, embrace that bloody infinite joyous feeling of that future you and let it fuel your passion even more to get there!! Forwards and upwards!

Video Testimonial
Abundance Codes

Kiarna Ella

I had very little money when I started on this journey. I looked at my finances and realised how much I needed per month to “get by” and I was far from it!
I did the pre-session on Wealth, next minute, got a job that suits me perfect and a massive opportunity handed to me.
Did the numbers last night and fact is, I’ve gone from struggling to now $1500 OVER what I needed to get by per month and still at the early stages in all of what ‘i’m now doing and new ideas coming to me daily to generate more!
The only thing that has changed is making the decision to do this course.
Life Changing is an understatement!
I am so incredibly grateful

Christy Nestor

I just wanted to say how much I love this course!
I started this course with feeling sceptical but open to anything as I felt desperate to change my situation. My husband thought he would only do one week with me to give me support. We’re into day 33 and he’s still doing it. In fact he would be the one to get the laptop first thing in the morning to do abundance code. My husband does not believe in anything bigger than him, but since this course, he actually more connected to his intuition, doing things out of the feelings he need to do something. He also have new beliefs that I couldn’t get him to believe before. It’s amazing!!!
I personally have gone through some shift too as a friend said that I seems to be more clear on my direction and feel more grounded (wasn’t quite sure what that means until Tammy M Hume explained it to me, lol).
I must say it is easier for me to see it in my husband than in my self. And also I tend to have some expectation to have big shifts to happen so I am learning to let that all go and surrender to the process.
Either way, ‘i’m just feeling very grateful for this course. Also, thank you so much for the frequencies Juan Pablo Barahona and Regan Anne Hillyer. They are sooo beautiful!
Love you all 💕

Marcos Garcia

I loved this one so much!
Energy is everything in my spiritual and physical life. I feel like ‘i’m more grounded after this activation, for sure this power that I am feeling now is come from the energy of this post, OMG 🙌🙌🙌🙏.
Today I closed so many old containers in my life that was holding myself and my body energy with things that wasn’t supporting me to grow in my journey. Now I feel like with more light and ground to take big decisions in the 3D with this activation…
I am happy!!!😀😀
Lots of love to everyone❤❤🙏

Video Testimonial
Releasing Into* Abundance Peru

Karley Feaver

With our 9 day retreat and 4 days of hiking and experiencing the Peruvian culture, I feel so grounded right now. Peru has been an incredible journey, it feels like home so ‘i’m coming back next year!!
‘i’m looking forward to continuing to integrate everything when I get back home and continuing this chapter of my life.
I would also like to acknowledge everyone here. You’re all so inspiring and beautiful. Thank you for being such fabulous goddesses

Torie Wade

I love this so much!

Yerlin Ramirez

I am very picky when it comes to who I recommend to learn from.
I have been trained by some of the best leaders and masters, gurus of this planet, so when it comes to learning content I demand the best!!
And that’s why my friends I can not just say that i am recommending this training but I trust Juan Pablo Barahona so much that I am going to this journey Myself.
I am going and I totally invite you to join us in this magical journey.
Please feel into it and let your heart guide you

Architecture Rewire Process

Nikohl Ronita Katene

Happy Birthday beautiful!!!! Words can not describe my love and gratitude for you!!! Thank you for all you do and be in the world!!! You have truly changed my life and I am soooo thankful for that!!! and of course I want all your things hahaha!!!! ARCHITECTURE ❤️

Giovanna Garcia Malagon

Happy Birthday Regan! ❤️ ‘i’m so grateful for having you as my mentor. You’re such a beautiful woman and soul, making a huge impact in the world. You inspire so many!

I love you! ♥️♥️♥️

Laura Kittel

Happy birthday beautiful soul!! You are amazing and special in so many ways and I am grateful for you. 💖
Can’t wait to see how you bring magical things into the world on your birthday. Architecture!!

Other Testimonials

Christina Rosario

I have never felt more alive then I do now. I feel reborn and awakened to my true higher self. I see my true divine purpose and I am so grateful for the amazing people in my life that will be on this blissful life changing adventure with me!!!!! I am walking on Heaven on earth, I am dancing with Angels, I am flowing with my higher intuition, I am blissing out with the sun!!!! Ahhhh life is truly beautiful! Life is a form of art and we are the artists add all the colors that dance in the wind, fill it with the passions born in the flames, give it life with the water from mother earth as you gently kiss her as you ground into the elements that live in her!!!!
Enjoy life my loves, for you ate worthy of it!!!!
Juan Pablo Barahona and Regan Anne HillyerRegan I can’t thank you both enough so much for helping me to remove all my negative blocks and patterns and helping me to awaken the true spiritual warrior that has been living within me all along! I have reclaimed my life and I thank you both so much! Thank you!!!❤🙏🏻❤