You were born with greatness inside of you!

No dream is too big

Everyone comes to Regan Hillyer International with a different story, but with the same goal of improving themselves and achieving their deepest held dreams for their life and work. We make it our mission to create a journey of support that is individual to each person and their needs, so they leave with clarity, conviction and BELIEF that they really can have it all.

” I’ve never felt so excited and aligned with my business and future vision

Attending the Be Your Brand Academy event was by far one of the best decisions I’ve made for myself and my business. I already run a successful coaching and mentoring business, however, I was looking to find more clarity. Not only did I gain clarity about the next steps, I also removed blocks and limitations almost instantly, thanks to Regan and her team. The conversation I had with Regan at the Platinum dinner will always be the day my life changed forever. .”

-Stacey Sargison

” Just hire her. Do it.

Who can coach a mindset coach? How do you find someone who's even faster at catching the BS? Well, you get an expert who gets you back in your body, into what you know is true. Someone who can help you see where you are outsmarting yourself. The best part about working with Regan is her incredible ability to hold space for ANYTHING that emerges, to stay grounded, and to bring you back to the truth of who you are..”

-Rebecca T.Dickson Founder of Rebecca T. Dickson Inc

” This will be one of the best investments you’ll ever make in your business!!

Be Your Brand Academy is EVERYTHING to build, grow and scale an online business. I already have a successful online coaching company and was looking at taking it to the next level. It's one of the best business events I’ve ever attended (and I’ve attended A LOT) and the most soulful community. This really is all you need to get going or scale your business and FAST. Cannot recommend highly enough! .”

-Louise George Founder of

“The classes she taught were so fricking amazing

One kid in Regan’s class always dreamed of starting a T-shirt company but he thought he had to go to college and get a job to fund it. After Regan’s lessons that week, he started on Thursday, by Saturday he had started a T-shirt company online and had made his first sale.”

-Vishen Lakhiani Founder of Mindvalley

“Regan has a magic that I’ve seen few people be able to tap into

Working with Regan has helped me refine and simplify how I lead my business and my life. She is leading example of truly living one’s soul-level purpose and awakening one’s greatest potential, while inspiring and empowering others to do the same. It’s truly a joy to work with her, and to have her as a mentor while creating, launching, and scaling one’s personal brand is an extraordinary opportunity. .”

Megan Lorelle, Founder of MLORELLE Int’l

“Every cell in my body resonated with her message

The Releasing Into Abundance retreat has opened up so many doors for myself and my business that I don’t exaggerate in saying that it was one of the most important experiences of my life. My best business partnerships have grown from it and all of the wonderfulness I am rapidly manifesting this year is directly correlated with the deep inner-work of that amazing retreat .”

Kurt Schiewetz, Founder of Be Your Highest Self

” I swear I’m uplevelling several times per month

When it comes to coaches, I need to feel an overwhelmingly deep soul connection there…I have that with Regs. It’s been one of the best decisions I’ve made in business and on a personal level too. I honestly can’t imagine what it would be like to not have Reg’s influence in my life now .”

-Mandy Gibbons Founder of

“It has effortlessly shifted me into a new paradigm

I started with Be Your Brand in Bali, and got so much incredible value that I decided to go ‘all in’. Each course I have done with Regan has exceeded expectations. Regan is a wealth of knowledge, and knows just how to facilitate the right mindset ‘shift’. .”

” It was one of the best decisions that I’ve ever made

I am consistently inspired, humbled and blown away by what Regan and her team bring to the table. The amount that I have grown in the last 18 months, in all different aspects of life is beyond what I could have imagined. Not one single part of my life has been untouched and I am forever grateful. To say that I am a different human is an understatement. .”

-Dr Tamara Hume Founder of

Video Testimonials

“So excited to have been a part of this course!

Lesson 7: Aligned Action – it was actually FINISHING this course! haha… and I am going to take this all into my future as I revisit this again… and again… and again in the years to come… Thank you – so excited to have been a part of this course! I am looking forward to continuing to create my own courses… Woohoo!!! and I will continue to sing sing sing… wherever a door opens for that to happen.”

Cyndilu Miller, Unleash the Artist Within

“It blew my mind!

Oh…how I'm grateful for this journey towards discovering how to use my creativity to serve first so that the wealth and abundance that belongs to me can greet me with open arms because I didn't sacrifice and burry the artist within.”

Tinnie Garlington, Unleash the Artist Within

” I loved this so much!

Energy is everything in my spiritual and physical life. I feel like I'm more grounded after this activation, for sure this power that I am feeling now has come from the energy of this post, OMG ????.
Today I closed so many old containers in my life that were holding myself and my body energy with things that weren't supporting me to grow in my journey. Now I feel like with more light and ground to take big decisions in the 3D with this activation…
I am happy!!!??.”

” I'm feeling so grateful for this course

I started this course with feeling sceptical but open to anything as I felt desperate to change my situation. My husband thought he would only do one week with me to give me support. We're into day 33 and he's still doing it. In fact, he would be the one to get the laptop first thing in the morning to do abundance code. My husband does not believe in anything bigger than him, but since this course, he actually more connected to his intuition, doing things out of the feelings he needs to do something. He also has new beliefs that I couldn't get him to believe before. It's amazing!!!”

-Christy Nestor,  The Abundance Codes Online

” Life Changing is an understatement!

I had very little money when I started on this journey. I looked at my finances and realised how much I needed per month to “get by” and I was far from it!
I did the pre-session on Wealth, next minute, got a job that suits me perfectly and a massive opportunity handed to me. Did the numbers last night and fact is, I've gone from struggling to now $1500 OVER what I needed to get by per month and still at the early stages in all of what I'm now doing and new ideas coming to me daily to generate more! The only thing that has changed is making the decision to do this course.
Life Changing is an understatement! I am so incredibly grateful .”

“I freaking did it!!!!

Thank you, Lisa and Regan and Tribe to help me get out of my comfort zone. I'm doing things I normally wouldn't do and going to say things I normally wouldn't say. I feel this is just the beginning. I CAN do this. I WANT MORE!!!! I CAN have it ALL!”

Tina Overby Cleveland, Tapping into Your Superpower

” I signed a 1:1 coaching client with 24 hours!

Just as I'd made one of the biggest investments ever in a very high end 7 figure coach… I saw Regan Anne Hillyer's vid about Wealth Creation Intensive. I was like “shoot!”… I spoke with Regan… then put a rocket up the backside of everything I was doing mindset wise, abundance wise… Made it happen… Signed up with WCI, then BLAM… within 24 hours of doing that I had a 6 month 1:1 coaching client sign up with me. Success mindset on fire! And doing it all from a deep soul place of alignment.”

” Just wow!!!

…Wow! This morning I called upon my Goddess of strength & smashed all my 10X goals in the gym! ? my PT asked what I had been doing over the last week to gain so much strength? My response “just operating from my soul” ????? .”

” This retreat changed my life!!!

…I was asking for an accelerated path and I freaking got it. Thx you so much Regan Anne Hillyer Juan Pablo Barahona and everyone that was apart of this experience .”


Robyn Nikora, my RHI Coach, is amazing! I had my first call with her last night–and WOW.
It's like I have a route for the flow.
Or the tools to create the map.
And she's fun too!”

-Elissa Williams, RHI Team Coaching

” I have had massive biz growth over the past two weeks for myself and others

I really wanted to stop and reflect today on exactly what am I feeling? What is shifting? I am feeling like I have SO much energy, I am more in control of my state and how I feel. My vibes have been so freakin' high and because of all of this I have had massive biz growth over the past two weeks for myself and others I actually feel like such a magnet right now BUT I’m letting it come with ease even more. I have such a relaxed certainty whilst I still am taking massive aligned action daily. Feeling GOOD!”

-Alissa V Buttiglieri,  RHI Team Coaching 

“I have shifted so much in the last few weeks

My biggest thank to you Regan. I have shifted so much in the last few weeks, my heart is full of love, gratitude, trust, happiness and desire to uplevel more and more. I want to celebrate my new life !”

Fabi Thommen, Build A Soulmate Team

” I loved this SO much!

…I didn’t want to come out. I was still dancing away after you said to open your eyes ? I’m discovering pain is my motivator for wealth, career and pleasure for health and life.”

” Thank goodness I did it!!!

…I have much much more clarity on who I am and I'm going to OWN IT! For years I've been saying that I'm ‘just' a teacher and to be honest was a little embarrassed telling people when asked. Don't get me wrong I loveeeee teaching but I just felt that I wasn't doing enough to deserve the ‘title'. However, the training has just solidified my identities and i'm proud of them and going to OWN THEM like nobody's business.”

” I got so many takeaways

I loved today's recording… I got so many take aways… embracing overwhelm for one, WOW… I always thought that meant I should take a break… love thinking of it as the moment that proceeds the breakthrough and keep going. Also, sleep manifestation!!!!! YES… so incorporating this into my practice starting tonight.”

” I feel like I just nailed my true message!

I started this 30 day challenge with no clear direction on what I was creating and what seemed like 100's of sub-messages about my passion and why I was creating what I had started in my businesses.. But just now, I feel like I just nailed my TRUE MESSAGE, my core purpose and passion of what I am here to share with the world. Huge ah-ha moment and huge satisfaction.”

” I absolutely KNOW that I will never run out of content!

…I'm literally BLOWN AWAY over how much content I've generated during the content challenge! I'm going over some of my journals (always use pen and paper) and pulling out the content that I will use for my membership videos, and it's just endless! And when I write it out, more comes flooding through 🙂 How powerful is that.”

-Lilja Bjarnadóttir, 30 Day Content Creation Intensive