Trusting in the Process and Shifting to a New Level

How do we create more in our lives?

 How do we shift into this new space and this new level?

How do we do this with total ease so that it is almost automatic?

Taking aligned action is a given…but how do we do this from a position where there is no stress, pressure or anxiety?

We need to talk about this.

There are so many people out there who feel the mental pressure

that they have to do whatever it takes….They have to hustle….They are fueled by the hustle and….you know what? There is a better way!

Ultimately, people who do work really hard and who do the hours, do the grind….so often do get there in the end….Of course, we all see these people.

However, increasingly, I am seeing more people that I have called into my life who have something else…

It’s a KNOWINGNESS about them…..and I’m not sure that that is even a word! Ha!

I’m not saying that they don’t do the work…actually they do…but they have this sense of calmness about them…and this is what I have been noticing and what has been coming up in my conversations with them.

It’s the SHIFT…..

The shift from going from this stressful….argh…I have to do this and this and that and this…..and this and this……and it needs to be all RIGHT NOW!

To actually, ideally shifting up a level, into this zone of relaxed…”Of course I’m going to achieve it all…”

It’s the zone of trust and purpose.

The difference is the mindset around manifestation.

The difference is me going, “Okay, this is what I want.”….. and placing the intent around it…and knowing that the intention is set and it is done…..and truly coming from this place of trusting and knowing and understanding that….of course it is done.

Why? Because, I am creating my external reality. Anything that is showing up in my world is, to a degree, something I have created…So if I want to create something, if I decide that it is happening and believe it to be done….why would I need to then control that process?

So this is what it is. . .it is trusting and knowing and not meddling with the process.

Look hard at anything that you’ve manifested in your life, look at anything that you’re really proud of…..maybe it’s an amount of money that you have called in, maybe a relationship, maybe a business opportunity……..If you really look at it, look at the series of events that happened prior to that…there is no way that you could have written that out and controlled it.

You are not in control of that, so stop trying!

Stop trying to control the process. stop trying to control the HOW.

Stop trying to control how everything has to pan out.

Do the opposite. Tap in to the higher zone, and the energy of it is going to happen because you have chosen it to happen. Take aligned action, sure….. but don’t try to control it.

Stuff happens without you controlling the HOW. You call in stuff and trust the energy.

Notice yourself manifesting what you want. Knowing where you are at energetically.

Step in to the place of going okay….what would it be like if I set the hard and fast intentions and simply trust the process and release any concern about how it is unfolding and why it is unfolding……


Choose to trust the process and that it is all happening for a reason…step into the trust energy zone…because it is such a peaceful, calm, positive forward-moving zone to be in.


And remember…

You Absolutely Can Have it all

Regan x