The Fastest Way to Manifest the Results That You Desire

I get asked about manifestation all the time…

Deep, complex, complicated questions.
How do I do this?
What about this?
Am I manifesting the “right” way?

Now I could sit here all day and talk about manifestation.
In fact, that’s a full training within itself!
But one of the BEST questions that I’ve been asked about manifestation is this:

Regan, what is the FASTEST way to manifest what I desire? What’s the NUMBER one thing that I should be doing?

Which really is a great question.
It’s results orientated and is a quality question that deserves a quality answer!

But firstly, let’s start out by chatting about why most people will NEVER manifest what they desire, so we can learn from that.

You see,
The thing is,
Most people have it ALL backwards!

They think that once they get the result, THEN they will change.

Once I’m in the relationship, then I’ll feel loved.
Once I manifest the money, then I’ll feel rich.
Once I raise money for my charity, then I’ll feel like I’m making a difference.
Once I have an amazing body, then I’ll feel fit and healthy.

No no no no no no NO!


Oh — did I mention that these people have it all backwards?!

And I’m stressing this SO much right now, purely because it is such a BIG mistake that so many people make.

There is a saying that you may have heard:

Be, Do, Have.

THAT is the order that things manifest.

NOTE: It is not Do, Have, Be…(Like most people believe as I explained above!)

So my message for you right now is:
In order to manifest what you desire at a rapid speed, the NUMBER ONE thing that you should be doing right now is THIS:

Become the person you need to become in order to receive what you desire.

Be the person who has already received it.

Act it.

Live it.

Think it.

Breathe it.

Tap into it.

Let it flow through you.

Be one with it.

And until you nail THAT, you will never manifest what you desire.

Everything externally in our lives is created internally — good, bad, ugly.

So if you want something to change, YOU have to change first.

Change your identity.
Uplevel into becoming the person who has already received what you desire.
And live in that space, daily.

So remember…

You Absolutely Can Have it all

…if you step into the version of you who has already manifested what you desire!

Regan x


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