Cutting off at the pass the things that conspire to keep us small.

I believe completely that ease and flow is truly our natural state. It’s a choice, and it’s the easiest choice to make.

You’re thinking, “What does that mean for me?”

You know,

We have been programmed all our lives

And this layers over our consciousness and shuts down our natural abilities…We all have these thoughts.

You know what they are….They are the……

“I can’t….”   “Not right now….”  “It’s not a good time for me now…”  “I’ll wait until…”

These thoughts force us to stay small and stay still.

Take the time to step aside and look at what is exactly going on. . .

What’s happening in your environment? What are you patterning? What’s really happening here?

Then you start to have a greater level of self-awareness, and you start to see the patterns and see the programming…

And the question to simply ask yourself is…..IS THIS MINE?

Every time you think …..‘Oh this is so hard…’ Stop and ask yourself

Where is this coming from?

Is this MY thinking or is this something that has been overlaid on to me? It doesn’t matter where it’s from…today, yesterday, upbringing, another life…it doesn’t matter..

Just step back and ask yourself,  IS THIS MINE?

Each time you think….“I can’t do this because….”   “I’m not sure how to…”

Stop. Think. Ask yourself….IS THIS MINE?

These patterns that have been overlaid on us from wherever take us away from our true, natural state.

Ease, grace and flow is our natural state, and it allows us to use our intuition.

Your intuition allows you to tap into your magic in a divine way and line up synchronicity after synchronicity after synchronicity……

And when you catch yourself thinking, “Oh this is just a coincidence…” “This can’t last…”  “Something bad will happen soon…”     

Stop yourself ……. and say …


So my challenge to you is to..

Step aside from your self-diminishing thoughts…

See the pattern, the illusions and question the reality. Is this true? IS THIS MINE? Start questioning everything. And truly see your unique self.

Then you’ll see the programming drop away, you’ll notice it start to shift and transform and move and you’ll start to see the light…the truth and the real reality of who you are. And that’s when things start to align and the right people show up and when the abundance starts to flow!

That’s also when the opportunities show up

And you know what? It will all feel so easy and so good because you were able to step outside of the illusions and ask yourself the question….IS THIS MINE?

It really does come down to where your mind is and how you master the inner game. Do the personal work, question everything, and the results will show up.

And remember,

You Absolutely Can Have it all

Regan x