How to Move Forward When Others Don’t Believe in You

So often when I am talking to my clients, they say that it gets really hard. no matter how much they tell themselves that they don’t care what other people think about them, it’s still difficult for them when others don’t believe in their journey.

They counsel themselves to remain firm, to ignore the meddling of others and to move forward holding on to their vision.

Unfortunately, it isn’t that easy. Often there is a point of resistance where you realise that either consciously or unconsciously, you are being affected by what is being said.

This can come from many sources. family, friends, online comments. and usually it is when you have made a breakthrough. . .maybe achieved a personal goal, upscaled your financial level or made some life change that other people are challenged by, disagree with or are envious of.


It’s human nature on both accounts. We want to be respected, loved and supported by those around us, those who matter to us. When those we value don’t appear to support us or for what reason they have, don’t want us to move to that next level, we feel betrayed. And it can be really painful and hard.

When this happens you have two options:

  • You choose to move forward regardless of what they are saying to you or about you.
  • You choose to be affected by it, which will leave you feeling disheartened every day and very unmotivated as you take on their negative projections.

It’s only natural to suck up some of that energy. Simply ignoring the negative energy, without dealing with it will only get you so far. It will reappear, time and time again.

Here’s what I propose. . .it’s a simple but effective process. . .

Firstly, be aware that where you are going in your life, your dreams, your visions, your manifestations have nothing to do with anyone else and only yourself. This is the core base. If you are constantly looking for external approval, then you will stall. The first base is getting really, really clear on what it is that YOU really want and understanding that it is YOUR vision, nobody else’s.

Once you are clear on that, sit down and write a list of your specific goals or manifestations. Ask yourself….what are all of the things that people are saying to you, about you or behind your back? Use your intuition and use the facts. Get super clear.

Then, circle what is useful, circle what is feedback…what is worthwhile? Cast out the projections that are not useful, that have been projected onto you, that are not helpful. Choose to take the lessons. What do I choose to take on….what do I choose to cast out? Then rid yourself of the projections that are not helpful. Tell yourself that you no longer choose to put up with any projections in your field that are no longer helpful or of value to your personal growth and achievement.

Energetically choose to be rid of negativity. Whilst choosing to take the lessons, integrate them and take aligned action.

The rather serious news about this simple process…is that it never ends! The bigger the game you play, the more successful you become, then even MORE people, often people who don’t even know you, will have an opinion on you.

This is not a one-hit process, I have done this time and time again, each time I have upped my game….upscaled my success or taken a new, rewarding direction.

Know and understand that this is part of your process, to move forward with YOUR life and achieve your goals. So have fun with it, bat it around, talk to others and feel free to share with me.

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And remember…

You Absolutely Can Have it all

and you can give back as well.