Are you ready to awaken thousands of souls?

Discover The Simple System Coaches Use To Awaken Thousands Of Souls To Their Highest Selves In A 20-Minute Session…

…And How It Helps Me Reveal Any Client’s Next Actionable Steps No Matter Who They Are, What They Do, Or Where They’re At In Life!

” Truly one of the purest teachers

I have a whole new way of being, sharing, teaching, and living now and know the money is here and growing exponentially!
Thank you so much for your pure, powerful, and beautiful way of leading! You are truly one of the purest teachers and people I've ever worked with! I love you so much!!!

-Valerie Karla

Love, it's me, Regan,

The skill I’m about to reveal is the foundation upon which my multi-$1,000,000 personal brand exists.

It is the #1 skill you can plug into any existing business to give clientele tremendous added value.

And if I had to build my business again from scratch… It would be the first skill I use.

First, let’s dial the clock back 10 years.

Picture a 19-years-old me full on with her personal development journey… and it’s off to a rocky start!

I’m a seminar junky, going to every event I can fill a seat…
I’ve spent every dime I’ve never had…
And made $100,000… in debt!

Yet persist with my reading and meditation. I revere my body like a temple and do what my mentors advise.

After failure upon business failure… something sticks!

My income grows steadily…

clearing away the debt… one day, I pull up my bank account and see several zeros trailing a one! $1,000… then $10,000…

The woman in my mirror’s reflection looks strong, confident and flush with vibrant color!

Friends & family who were once skeptical notice me blossoming. They ask…

“Hey! How are you doing that?”

I never dreamed of being a coach (Because I barely knew that was a real thing!).

BUT felt that maybe I can make a career helping people get those same results!

So I began running sessions with them. They return saying “Your advice changed everything in my life! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”

Except… each session can last 2 hours!

Because I committed to helping these people, they got AMAZING results! Yet it didn’t seem to stick for long. They circled back to the same old problems next week.

Even when I glimpsed possible answers, I feared being intrusive… and the trail ran cold.

Doubt crept in.

“Was my success a fluke? Can I really help people?”

I’m totally BURNT out!
I’m totally STRESSED out!

I’ve literally built myself a 16-hour job that is totally out of control!

It’s so bad that I glare at my phone before each appointment… Bracing myself as the digits change.

“This is crazy! Enough!” I protest. I was done coaching people. Finito!

Or so I thought…

Fast-forward one year…

everything changed…

My clients from all walks of life and every industry have achieved profound personal breakthroughs and business “ahas!”

Their results are permanent! Clients continue investing because I’ve built stellar rapport… And they recommend me to others!

She works half the time and vacations in Bali at her leisure. The best part? No session lasts no longer than 20 minutes!

Introducing The Laser Coaching System…

What changed? I asked myself…

“How do I create the same (or better) results a client receives from an hour with me… in 20 minutes or less?”

The answer wasn’t one perfect modality. It was a combination of everything I had learned & downloaded…

All of my coaching practices
All of the NLP
All of the hypnosis
All of the energy work

You don’t have to invest $500,000 mastering all of them! Because…

I’ve refined coaching to the essential techniques that produce results for ANYONE in a single session.

Just Give Me 5 Weeks

Whether You’re Already A Coach, Own A Business, Or Have NO Training At All… I’ll Show You How To Give The Same Actionable Advice For Your Client!

With scary accurate clarity! Clients will think you’re reading a crystal ball!

Which is fine because…

You don’t need expertise in their industry (though it’s a bonus!)
You don’t need to have earned anything close to their salary
You don’t need to execute their strategy yourself

You CAN build an entire career off of coaching. It’s a completely location-free lifestyle should you so choose it

You CAN re-energize an old list of clientele mistakenly thought to have received everything. Now help them overcome challenges you couldn’t before!
You CAN give your clientele both strategy AND tools if you’re a service provider.
You CAN enjoy overflowing positive self-esteem because you’re famous in multiple circles as the person who gets anyone results
You CAN salvage relationships on the brink of devastation, prep clients for their pitch meeting, enable entrepreneurs to build 6 and 7 figure businesses, and break the immobilizing chains of fear!
You CAN find joy and happiness helping others find joy and happiness
You WILL 100% embody the person who leads by example and can even use these techniques on yourself!

The point is that this coaching system – which transforms lives and reveals such powerful, actionable steps – is not just available to me and my team within Regan Hillyer International

” Just hire her. Do it.

Who can coach a mindset coach? How do you find someone who's even faster at catching the BS? Well, you get an expert who gets you back in your body, into what you know is true. Someone who can help you see where you are outsmarting yourself. The best part about working with Regan is her incredible ability to hold space for ANYTHING that emerges, to stay grounded, and to bring you back to the truth of who you are.

-Rebecca T.Dickson

“Regan has a magic that I’ve seen few people be able to tap into

Working with Regan has helped me refine and simplify how I lead my business and my life. She is leading example of truly living one’s soul-level purpose and awakening one’s greatest potential, while inspiring and empowering others to do the same. It’s truly a joy to work with her, and to have her as a mentor while creating, launching, and scaling one’s personal brand is an extraordinary opportunity. .”

Megan Lorelle

I Call it
“Coach The Coach”

Now I make this available ONCE per year and ONLY once per year for 2 types of people

People who want to become part of the Regan Hillyer International coaching family!
This course is a pre-requisite for anyone wanting to be a certified RHI coach in the future.

Already amazing coaches looking to upgrade and upskill themselves to provide next level results for clients!

We are now taking applications for the “Coach The Coach” program.

Here’s Exactly What You’ll Learn Each Week


Week 1
Shedding The Ego And Stepping Into Your Identity As A Coach Who Gets Results In Under 20 Minutes

The first step towards becoming a world-class coach is looking at your own blindspots, so you can truly embody the version of you that a client’s SOUL feels called to grow with.

That means practicing what you preach by crafting beliefs that support you over these 5 weeks. We get very intentional about the kind of coach you’ll become.

During the birth of the Laser Coaching System, I asked myself a critical question that crumbled my struggling and time-poor reality and dropped me into effortless abundance.

I’ll give you all the simple step by step tools you need to morph into the coach your clients deserve. And don’t think you’re doing it alone! This week, you’ll find an accountability partner who challenges you to implement immediately.

Week 2
How To Build An Instant Connection With Your Client To Guarantee Results Before A Word Is Spoken

Your words aren’t the most important part of the call. There are subtle energies you must recognize and shift to avoid sabotaging your efforts.

Get this wrong, and it doesn’t matter if you’ve asked the right questions!

I’ll teach you to identify the exact energetic state your client is in the moment they say, “Hello.”
You can then coach them in the way they’re most receptive to.

Being a coach can get pretty intense! You may have sworn never to judge your client, yet they reveal secrets that test your limits (It’s happened to me). I’ll demonstrate my favorite exercise to replace judgement with curiosity and approval.

All of this means that your client will make a clear commitment to success!

In Week 2, you’ll begin roleplaying with your accountability partner to instantly lock in everything you’ve learned!

Week 3
The “Dig & Discover” Process That Permanently Demolishes Your Client’s 5 Core Blocks

I love self-sabotage!

Why? Because it means that your client is sooo close to reaching their goal.

Yet it’s a block nonetheless. Unless you understand these 5 core blocks and what causes them, a breakthrough will simply dance outside your client’s grasp.

Good news: The process for discovering which blocks your client struggles with is the exact same for each one!

I’ll explain where these disabling blocks come from plus my 6 simple strategies to make them irrelevant… even silly!

This week, you and your accountability partner will help each other overcome your own blocks.

BONUS: My Never-Fail “Energetic Spin Rewire Process” That Completely Shifts And Transforms Blocks!

This is my powerful visualization technique that uses your client’s energetic field to create instant change. After the block has been identified, you can replace it with amazing insight and gifts unique to your client’s goal.

The best part? It works every single time.

Week 4
How To Deliver ANYONE From Decision Paralysis To Their Perfect Winning Strategy (Without Being An Expert On That Topic!)

Mind reading – when’s the last time you did it?

Your intuition is a very powerful and practical tool that can get to the heart of what’s going on.

If you’ve ever listened to a person and thought, “Wait a minute – XYZ is their real problem!”, but were too scared to act upon it… There’s a way to confirm your suspicion without pissing them off!

First, the client must engage in meaningful dialogue.

A client may feel swallowed up by the enormity of their problem… Or they ignore relevant bits while sharing their life story!

I’ll show you how to rein in the conversation and grasp useful nuggets like a rock climber snagging the finest edges on a sheer cliff face.

“You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make her drink”, it’s said.

The challenge is, you cannot simply give your clients a strategy producing the results they want. However, I can give you my specific step-by-step method to help them discover it themselves!

You can coach absolutely ANYONE with this method!

You don’t need a day of experience in their industry or to have executed their strategy yourself! Because the purpose is to get clarity on what and where the necessary tools are.

(It’s like giving that ol’ horse a salt cube – of course she’ll enjoy drinking the water!)

Week 5
The Hidden Hypnotic Tools That Unlocks Your Clients Desired Future Into Their Reality

So you’ve shown your client what’s possible. Belief in their own success is another matter!

What if I told you that you possess power to hypnotize your clients into fully believing their desired outcome is already locked in to place?

Love, YOU DO have this power, chances are you simply haven’t tapped into it yet. (It took me years to embrace its power!)

We will dive deep into the infinite waters of hypnosis and hypnotic language. You will receive specific step by step strategies to mesmerize clients into believing in themselves on an entirely new level!

You’re not quite done as soon as this week is over! You will be roleplaying the entire Laser Coaching System with your accountability partners to embody your new skills!

We will wrap up this last week together with a Q&A session because I want there to be 0 obstacle in front of your own success!

BUT Love.. please DO NOT apply if the following does not apply to you

Coach The Coach Is For You If…

You Need 24/7 Access To Our Coach The Coach Family Facebook Group

Collaborate with loving people who can both sympathize and empathize with you on this 5-week transformational journey. Or share your daily struggles in a judgement-free zone

You Need An Accountability Partner

To hold you accountable, to grow with you so you can all thrive into the most empowered soul and coach that you can be. You will be able to meet multiple friends throughout the 5 weeks in order to help you grow

You Need Me To Personally Give You Feedback

For the duration of the program, I comment on every post. The Coach The Coach family are the people who need my insight the most during these 5 weeks

You Deserve What You Deeply Desire

If you’re looking to pull and manifest something into your reality and it’s not here there’s something internal blocking it. Success is 80% Internal and 20% external. I’m going to show you step by step how to attract what it is you crave in life

You Need To Shift Your Identity So You Can FULLY Embody Your Highest Self!

You can’t outearn your internal self. I help shift your identity up & up

You Need 100% Confidence That Your Vision Will Manifest

I take you through the spiritual work to be content in knowing that your vision has manifested

You Struggle With Fear, Doubt, & Sabotage

I’m going to teach you exactly where they come from, why they’re there and how to banish them so you and your client can embody your untapped FULL potential

You Deserve Love & Gratitude… And Just Need A Little Help Believing It!

The reason people achieve their goals and are MISERABLE is because they lack self-love. I’ll guide you through exercises that make your manifestations fulfilling

You Need To Embody Your Elements Of Belief In Yourself

Even if you shift your needle of belief 2%… and another 2%… it becomes unshakeable before you realize it!

You Need To Level Up Your Vision For Yourself…

I will share with you the 1 question I asked myself that unlocked the door of FULL potential (how you can use it too) and brought me from earning $300 per coaching client to $1,000,000.

You Need To Speak With People Almost Daily

DEEP Connection with yourself and your clients is crucial for success for both of you. I will share with you the secret codes to connect to anyone instantly so you can FULLY embody your souls’ inner power now

” It has effortlessly shifted me into a new paradigm…

Each course I have done with Regan has exceeded expectations. Regan is a wealth of knowledge, and knows just how to facilitate the right mindset ‘shift’.

DR Cat

Listen Love,

If Your Highest Self Would Look Back With Even An Ounce Of Regret, You Need This Because. . .

That sapling of regret sprouts into a “what if” tree bearing the fruit of despair.

Here’s What I Want You To Do, Love:

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Complete the brief inquiry to align with a Regan Hillyer International Certified Success Specialist
The ‘Success Specialist’ will review your application. If it is aligned, they will start a dialogue about Coach The Coach enrollment at the time you select

Heads Up:

Sooo many people reach out to me daily. Because I want to make sure that every single applicant manifests the life they and they’re clients are destined for, it’s important that you show up at the time specified.

It was one of the best decisions that I’ve ever made…

When it comes to coaches. I need to feel an overwhelmingly deep soul connection there.. I have that with Regs. It’s been one of the best decisions I’ve made in business and on a personal level too.

-Dr Tamara Hume