Your Energetic Field and How to Clear It….

What’s an Energetic Field. . .and REALLY?. . .It needs Cleaning?

This information massively changed my life! It released blocks that I didn’t even know that I had… allowed me to move forward with my vision with dramatic speed and ease.

What is your energetic field?  Well…….It is a living, dynamic structure, and most people are unaware that they even have one, let alone wondering about what sort of state it is in. You are most likely thinking now…“Whaaaat? Do I have one….?” Yep you sure do! Most people can’t see their energetic field….but it sure as Hell is there.

In your energetic field are held patterns of information, frequencies, vibrations, wave forms, other patterns…

In effect, we hold the essence of our being in this energetic field. This is what is reflected out into the world.

Recently, I have had people ask me…“Regan, I know that I have an energetic field…and I know that it is holding some stuff that I would like to move on from…so how do I clear my energetic field?”

This is such an important piece of information. So many people are out there holding on to unresolved patterns, frequencies and vibrations that can be destructive and also get in the way of focussing on what you truly want out of life. This can be in your personal and your financial life.

Even if there is nothing negative or upsetting going on in our lives, it is still important to clear our energetic fields. It’s like wandering around without showering every day!

Sometimes energies and vibrations come in and attach themselves to our field. It affects our focus, our vitality, and can sometimes cloud our way forward.

So, how do you do this? The good news is that this is a simple and fast process. This is something that you can quickly learn and quickly activate. Even being able to utilise it multiple times per day. Or at the minimum twice a day. If you practice this regularly, then eventually your field will clear itself. Any negative or damaging energies or vibrations that come in to your field, will get automatically cleared out. Your field will constantly be in a crystal-clear state.

Firstly, connect with yourself and ground yourself. Close your eyes and imagine a red laser beam going from your tail right into the centre of the earth. This focusses your grounding and zeros in on the fact that you are about to be working with your field.

Then, imagine your field all around you. Now you are going to blast your field with golden, white light. Make it fun, play with it…golden, white light surrounding you.

Next there’s a verbalisation step, where you ask, invoke, pray or whatever you like to call it.

And, finally, you blast yourself with golden, white light again. Do this regularly and it will become second nature for you.

Remember you are in control, you are a sovereign being and you are your own master.

Clear, grounded and good.


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And remember…

You Absolutely Can Have it all

and you can give back as well.

Regan x