Why aren’t you achieving your goals…?

Why are they elusive?

Are you not meant to be successful and live the life you desire? Are you constantly stuffing up what you want? Finding that you self-sabotage? You get close to what you want, what you’ve dreamed of and …. Ping! You mess it up….

Oh yea! So many people do it…I have found that people have what I call an “upper limit”…..

Often, as humans, when we get really close to this upper limit of what we perceive to be realistic and what we perceive to be obtainable goals…our brain goes “oh oh….what’s on the other side of this?”

And it is FEAR. Our brain goes…”what if….what then?….eeeek! I don’t think I want this any more!”

This is so normal! It shows up in people all the time. It’s actually our unconscious mind protecting us. And it manifests as FEAR.

Everyone is different and you will have your own, individual, sometimes really small but significant ways that you self-sabotage..

You need to take a good look and figure out…what is it that I’m actually doing in my behavioural patterns, that I can be aware of and start to change?

I’ve set up a 3-step path, simple steps to helping you cease this self-sabotaging behaviour and start on the path to really achieving what you really desire.

Take a look at my clip below ‘Why you aren’t achieving your goals and 3 steps on how to fix it” and start on the journey of understanding what it is, how and why you do it and how you can remedy this self-sabotaging behaviour.

All in 3 easy steps!


And remember…

You Absolutely Can Have it all

and you can give back as well.

Regan x