Where Do You See Beauty?

Are you one of those people who seek beauty? What does beauty mean to you? Is it your visual surroundings? The sanctuary of your home space, organised just how you like it? Or the physical beauty of the wilderness….or, the urban environment….the people all around you…or maybe, the lack of people?

Some people are untouched by beauty….

There are people who don’t seek out beauty. They are so wrapped up in their daily life, their schedules, their work and their family commitments…that things of beauty simply pass them by….they are too busy. Beauty is often regarded as a frivolous waste of time, resources and precious minutes. Or beauty is something that you attend to personally and buy over the counter. To them beauty is material.

Some people even claim to be unaffected by their surroundings and do not feel the need to stop, reflect and imbibe the beauty ‘vibe’.

I am definitely NOT one of those people.

You see, I crave beauty. However, it is not the manufactured beauty of the glossy magazines, nor is it the beauty of the material ‘thing’. For me beauty is in every place that I go and every single person that I meet. I see the glow from others and I see their background and their environment that shows their intense power.

Everywhere I go….

I absorb the feelings that are present in all of the places that I visit. And feel the vibe from the people that inhabit the places. These unique folk show me their intensity of feeling that radiates around them.

I take the time to pause, touch, watch, breathe and imbibe the energy and embrace the emotions that are present. That way, I become one with the surrounding environment and  the people in it.

It is a gift….

It took me a while to realise that what I have is a gift…however, it is not necessarily a natural born gift…it is something that each and every one of us can cultivate. It’s the ability to ‘feel’ into all of the places and the people that surround us. It is taking the time to pause and the moment to observe, reflect and genuinely ‘feel’ the surroundings.

When I look out into the world…

…and see all that we as humans are capable of doing, building and creating, I am overjoyed and so filled with hope and positive joy. I genuinely believe in the positive nature of the human spirit, the ability to see beauty all around us and the desire to strive for that beauty, to become the ‘norm’.

Take the time to pause….

…take stock and look at your environment and observe where the beauty can be found.

Remind yourself that….

“This is me”

“I am capable of radiating beauty, of radiating love and being a reflection of the physical and human beauty that exists in the world.

How do you perceive ‘beauty’? Are you aware of the beauty around you? Where do you go to feel beauty?

Do you know how to be still and observe the beauty that is available to you?

Want to know more?


Regan x


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