Have you ever felt that it is all too much? And that you just wanted to run away? 

Of course, we have all had feelings like that from time to time..in front of an impending examination, when we have a ‘to do’ that is looming large or an appointment that we are not looking forward to…even sometimes a social occasion that we would rather avoid.

And sometimes, we try and wrangle our way out of it…we run from the situation, from the social engagement, from the looming big black shadow.


I know you hear it all the time….”Don’t let your dreams slip away…” 

We live in fear that what we really desire, what we dream about is all too hard. Especially in these uncertain times, when the world seems to have been turned upside-down and nothing is as it was……

Feeling that your dreams are unrealistic, that they have been dashed by the current world climate and and are now ‘pie in the sky’ and will never come true?

Do you feel that they are going to take too long to come and all of your life is a lie? We are so connected to the future currently, that we are worried and fearful about how everything is going to pan out.


I’m here to tell you that our dreams are not slipping away from us…we are the ones running from our dreams. We are running away from our fears and you know….now is the time, at this moment of possibly the greatest opportunity that we all get to start running towards the life that we deeply desire.


In a state of fear, instead of being in a place where we are crippled by uncertainty and doubt, we get to step up, into this moment of opportunity.  

We have been daydreaming about the life that we desire…whilst not believing that it could come true.

But now, we get to push through our comfort zones and confront the fears that are keeping us small. We get to be present and live in the here and now.

This is the present, when you choose to step up and you own your reality, and step through into your here and now, so that you can pull your dream reality with you.


To write out your dreams, write out your vision. Ask yourself….what is it exactly that you are wanting to create in your life?

And when you do this…you start pulling forward your vision, and you get clarity around what it actually looks like? When you start writing into the details, you get a clearer picture that crystallizes in your own mind. 

And, then ask yourself…Who’s around you? Who’s not around you. How are you showing up in this vision? What are you talking about? What are you thinking about? What are you acting into? 

And, as you get into these micro details, you notice that a feeling starts to come up and it’s a particular feeling that is starting to come up…and this feeling may have the seeds and the threads of doubt…where you begin to question yourself…and what you want…then, you start saying “Can I really do this?”


And truly get to choose what you believe about yourself……in every moment…in every breath. Remember when you were a child? You truly believed that you could do anything, you believed, when you had the superhero costume on, that you were that superhero…..then that feeling got ‘socialised’ out of you….you grew up and lost the art of dreaming.


To step into the character of your dream reality…this is not about trying to be something that you are not…this is about being radically authentic with the highest version of yourself and choosing that this is possible for you….right now.

You are the artist, you are the creator, and you are the architect of your own reality. And only you can choose to pull that version of you forward.

And then, and only then does your dream transform into your reality.


And remember…

You Absolutely Can Have it all

and you can give back as well.

Regan x