What You Can't See About the People You Meet

You know, who a person truly is…and what they have been through, cannot be seen from the superficial outside.

What can you tell, what can you discern, from just those first few impressions?

When you first meet someone, you see many things about them.

You see their age, their posture, the way they dress, and from those initial first glances, we start to create our own perception of what and who we think that person is…..

People think that if you appear outwardly beautiful, that everyone loves you. People think that if you are wealthy, you have everything together, you get respect and you have everything sorted. And, you must be always super happy. Essentially your life's a breeze. 

But the truth is that you can’t ever truly know who someone really is until you understand what is going on for them….from the inside out.

You don't truly see who someone is until you understand the struggles, the challenges and everything that they have gone through, suffered and survived. The things that have happened in their lives that have brought them to this place.

You can't see who someone is…..just with your eyes.

I know that it is easy to see a photo of me on social media and immediately think…..’Regan’s got it all together..’ But what you don't see and can't see is the endless hours of self-talk, where I constantly tell myself that I’m not good enough. Yes! And, what you don't see is all of the people judging me because of how I look and what I say and what I do and how much money I make. 

And, how I have to handle that and how I work to not let it affect me. 

And, what you don't see, is all of the times that I’ve struggled with money….regardless of what I have created in my life, so far. All the scarcity, all the lack and then, when I got there……asking myself….”What if it all goes away?” “What if this or that happens?” “What if I screw up?”

What you don't see is all of the times I was abused in intimate relationships and I had to look at myself and ask myself….why have I attracted this? Why have I tolerated this? Why have I allowed this?

And, what you don't see is all of this that still spins in my head. And each and every single day I’m always looking at how do I shift that, and clear this and deal with that.

So….the next time you find yourself judging someone, just stop.

Just simply ask yourself, ‘What is there to know about this person?’ ‘What is their story?’ ‘What is their struggle?’ ‘What are they dealing with right now?’

And be open to actually getting to know them, from the inside out, because that’s where the true magic lies. That’s where you get to see their soul, instead of looking at the exterior and creating a one dimensional  perception of that. 

And, when you do that, that’s when you begin to tap into real connection.

So, the next time you are scrolling through social media, and you see a photo of someone, instead of choosing judgement…..…….choose as I do……….curiosity.

And, what lights me up the most…is helping other people do the same.




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And remember…

You Absolutely Can Have it all

and you can give back as well.

Regan x