Is Your Inner Critic A Reflection of Who You Really Are?

And, what effect does this shadow self have on your personality?

Firstly, I must say that I do not believe that we, as human beings, have a dark side. I believe that we are all born of light and that we are, actually, a core of light.

So, what is our shadow self? 

It is the place where we store and sometimes nurture our pain. Shadows are located in our subconscious. And if you look back, you will see the pain lodged there waiting to be acknowledged. Pain that has essentially not been dealt with and is awaiting your attention…either growing and nurturing it or dealing with it.

Where does your pain come from?

The shadows in the subconscious are holding the pain of past events from as early as back in childhood that may be blocking you from healing. They are the thoughts that plague you and wake you from sleep, the thoughts that invade your consciousness and remind you of past hurts, scars and abuse that you thought you had either well buried or even let go.

Why do they return to torment you? And why do they return just when you thought that they no longer matter to you, or define you? Why do they perpetually lurk within your shadow self and prevent you rising above the past torment and pain? And, how can you rid yourself from their persistence permanently?

You see…..you haven’t dealt with the pain and you have not healed properly and completely.

The pain that hides in that shadow prevents you from vibrating at a higher frequency and

activating abundance. It prevents you from moving forward. It prevents you from approaching the world in a confident, unapologetic manner. It prevents you from manifesting the life that you desire and it prevents you from establishing, nurturing and growing your self-love.

In order to cultivate self-love, you must first recognise and accept your own worth.

A lot of shadow work is required. With shadow work, it is possible to manifest the life of your dreams while at peace with your own past.

By engaging in your shadow work, you can bring these scars into the light and begin to heal.

I love you! 

And remember, 


…and you can give back as well.

Regan x


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