What Does it Mean To Be Successful?

We so often hear…”So and So is SOOOOOOOO successful!” 

What does this conjure up? Enough money? Enough money to be free? Enough money to have the latest hot, cool car? The pillared mansion? The freedom to travel endlessly?

When we think of success, we think of what is on the outside. The trappings of affluence are the collection of things that visually represents to society what it means to be successful.

In my role as mentor, thought leader, business and life coach and entrepreneur, I regularly come across clients who have so much…..so much stuff ….one would say that, looking from the outside in, they have it all….and yet…..

I do know from experience, that you can have everything and absolutely nothing, all at the same time.

No matter how much money you have in the bank or how lavish your lifestyle….if you are not happy and comfortable with yourself and your relationships, then none of these things matter. If you are relying on the physical stuff to make you feel happy and successful, the harsh truth is…it won’t.

Ask yourself…’What is a successful human being?’ Be honest with yourself…stop waiting for happiness and success to magically turn up one day. It’s time for you to show up, do the work and really get clear on what it is that you are seeking.

You see, success starts from within.

Success starts to show up when you really understand yourself, your desires, your motivations and your dreams.

Success is when you are aligned and connected to what you do and it feels right. Success is when you feel free to live into your truth and not bound by any others’ strictures. Success is when you are surrounded by your tribe and they are your true soulmate tribe. Success is when you wake up each morning loving what you do and feeling that you are working into your purpose.

You see, happiness doesn’t come with success, happiness leads to success.



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And remember…

You Absolutely Can Have it all

and you can give back as well.

Regan x