What Do You Do If You Feel Insecure?

We all know that feeling when you walk into the room and you feel so completely insecure that you think… ‘I don’t belong here’.  I have certainly felt like that, many times. I have felt insecure, inadequate, not good enough and simply that I shouldn’t rightly be here.

I once walked into a gathering (I was invited!) where the room was super-charged with incredibly clever, highly successful people and I felt that I didn’t belong…at all. And even though I was invited to attend this event, I felt so uncomfortable. I had this moment where I wanted to shrink, I wanted to run away and I had the thought that I could simply say “These are not my kind of people, so I didn’t stay.” Actually, I was overwhelmed with my feelings of inadequacy.

Learn the Lessons…..

And, in that moment, I had a choice, either I run out of the room…or I stay…and maybe learn something. And if I didn’t learn something by the end of the evening and my ‘flight’ reaction was valid, then there’s a lesson in that too.

I chose to stay, despite my fear and my self doubt. So I decided to use the opportunity for some research and I approached people, introduced myself and asked them, “How did you create your success?” “How did you make your money?” “Are you Happy?” I started asking all of these people, peppering them with a multitude of questions around their success quotient.

Do the Research…..

And, at the end of the evening, with research firmly intact, I went home and was thoroughly and utterly confused! I had spoken to maybe forty people, and yet they had all created their success in totally different ways and each of those forty people had differing advice as to how to manufacture and create successful opportunities.

As I lay in bed that night, I thought to myself, that there must be something that is in common with these people. I then realised that the people all felt the same to be around. I thought back and recalled that these people all looked the same. They carried their bodies a certain way, when they shook my hand or gave me a hug, it felt similar.

And I asked myself….what was my body language like that evening? How did I carry myself when I came into the room? I thought about it and realised that my shoulders were slumped in, I was looking at the ground and I had absolutely no confidence whatsoever. And all of the people in the room…their shoulders were back, their energy was open and I could feel their heart.

Now, this may sound crazy, but I started thinking to myself, what if I started being…

The most successful version of myself? 

What if I started being the most successful version of me who had already created all of my dreams and all of my desires? How would that version of me walk? How would that version of me talk? What would I be thinking about? And, so…..I started just being THAT version of me.

And, guess what? Everything started shifting in my life. Everything started changing, opportunities started lining up, Things got easier. 

Success….Comes From Within

You see, everyone thinks that they’ll be that version of themselves, once they’ve created success. But, they’ve got it all backwards. You see……success starts from within. Happiness starts from within. Making money starts from within. Living the life of your dreams, in whatever way that looks like for you, starts from within. 

And, if you have a dream and you have a vision of a life that you want to create and step into, then you must condition yourself, from the inside out to become the version of you that is able to……

Show up, in the life of your dreams.


And remember…

You Absolutely Can Have it all

Regan x