Wealth Creation Intensive

Create the wealth you desire

Wealth Creation Intensive

Create the

wealth you


Are you ready?

It’s time to fast-forward your path to wealth!

The Wealth Creation Intensive is a 15-day online course where Regan guides you through a series of videos that teach you how to create multiple income streams as well as get clarity on the strategies that are right for you.

But it’s not just about strategy, either.

Regan is also taking you deep into the mindset and alignment of wealth creation by sharing her own tried and tested unconscious rewiring and alignment methods that will have you upleveling to millionaire mindset now.

Tap into a deeper energy of wealth creation

Manifest multiple streams of income

Be the person who opportunities come to

Create the types of environments you need to get into

Figure out what strategy is best for you

Leverage multiple income streams

Discover the importance of having more than one stream of income

Attract opportunities in your life

” I signed a 1:1 coaching client within 24 hours!

Just as I'd made one of the biggest investments ever in a very high end 7 figure coach… I saw Regan Anne Hillyer's vid about Wealth Creation Intensive. I was like “shoot!”… I spoke with Regan… then put a rocket up the backside of everything I was doing mindset wise, abundance wise… Made it happen… Signed up with WCI, then BAM… within 24 hours of doing that I had a 6 month 1:1 coaching client sign up with me. Success mindset on fire! And doing it all from a deep soul place of alignment.”

-Mandy Gibbons

Who is it for?

This course is for you if:

You want to understand the energy of wealth creation

You deeply desire to manifest multiple streams of income 

You feel called to make a massive impact on the world 

You are driven by freedom and giving back 

You are ready to step into a whole new level of wealth that you never knew was possible, and you want to do it in an aligned way 

You own your own business and you desire to call in bigger levels of success

You are ready to play a much bigger game in your life or in business 

You’re ready for the MORE that you dream of 

What will I learn?

so much more than just strategy

Awaken your natural state of abundance and wealth 

Create massive external change by shifting internally in an intentional way 

Understand how to build generational wealth 

Lock in your big-picture reality 

Learn the strategies and mindset for wealth creation 

Discover time management tips that keep you working in alignment 

Tap into your intuition 

Rewrite your beliefs about wealth and money 

Increasing your capacity to receive

Identify any limiting beliefs and burn them 

Awaken your wealth identity 

Understand wealth from an energetic perspective 

How to be someone who attracts opportunities 

Transcend your limits 

Call in the right mentors and strategies

Develop your rockstar wealth creation team 

Create your wealth environment 

Tap into the energy of rich 

Accelerate your results 

Create results that last 

Understand the mindset of leverage 

Identify self-sabotage before it happens 

Redirecting the energy you channel so you can redirect it into abundance

Embodying the wealth energy you are aligning with

The Wealth Creation Intensive Course

a million dollar blueprint

When you join The Wealth Creation Intensive course, Regan will give you access to receive 15 days worth of powerful videos to guide you in the steps to create real, lasting wealth through multiple streams of income, as well as access to her private VIP Facebook Community. Your journey will contain 15 life-changing lessons that will help you to activate and step into your full wealth potential.

The lessons Regan will be guiding you through come from a blend of her own life experiences and lessons, as well as the wisdom from having invested half a million dollars into her own wealth mentors and coaches. Regan has found out what works and what doesn’t and is now passing on to you exactly what she did to create her multi-million dollar empire from a state of ease, grace, and flow. 


Wealth creation energy is a stream of very high-vibrational abundance energy that those who are already creating wealth have tapped into. The idea that for you to have wealth, someone else has to ‘go without’ is a very old, false belief which will block you from creating the wealth that is yours by divine right.



Generational wealth is all about you creating a legacy! Imagine creating a stable, long-term business and strategies that allow you to pass on not just your money, but your knowledge and wisdom to your children and grandchildren. Imagine making such a huge impact on the planet that the world remembers your name. Generational wealth is stability and freedom being passed on through the generations that are going to follow you.

How does it work?

The Process

Regan will start off the course by introducing you to how to set the stage for success on your wealth creation journey and how to create powerful intentions for your journey

Regan will start off each video by explaining what you will be focusing on that day/task

You will then explore the different strategies for calling in multiple streams of income as well as opportunities

These videos will be compact, packed full of wisdom, and direct to the point so that you can get what you need fast

Action Time! Regan will give you some tasks and assignments each day that you are to complete to accelerate your growth

what will i receive?

15 videos sent via the RHI app over the course of 15 days 

VIP access to the Facebook Group

Lifetime access to the course content

Option to upgrade to the VIP package where you will receive 2 personal 1:1 sessions with an RHI Laser Coach and a LIVE Q and A with Reganto to accelerate your learning and growth

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