Tune in and Listen to Your Body

Recently, I have received a stack of messages via social media asking me to share what I eat, how I work out and whether or not I go to the gym and/or follow a vegan regime. 

As you all know, my life and business schedule is fast-paced, with numerous speaking engagements that mean I am constantly travelling, often on aircraft and in and out of hotels, which can sometimes sabotage the best of health and diet intentions. However, let’s get one thing completely clear….I firmly believe that my health, body and energy levels are essentially an internal game as opposed to an external one. This concept is inline with my commitment to powerful mindset training tools. It is 80% internal, 15% around eating and 5% on how I choose to move my body. 

The Daily Body Conference

Every day I talk to my body. Oh yes! I love it from the inside and the outside. I tell my body that it is beautiful and request that it manifests itself to be what I desire. I talk to my muscles requesting intentional growth and definition and also communicate with ‘stuck’ toxic fat cells requesting of my body that it removes these with ease. This is my morning ritual. It takes only 5 or 10 minutes, and I firmly believe that this ritual doesn’t have to consume your life or your working day to be effective.

Effective Fasting

I’m a huge fan of intermittent fasting, and depending on my working and flying schedule, I regularly fast for up to 20 hours a day. Then, I eat within a following four hour window. 

During this four hour window, I eat whatever my body desires. Generally, it’s mostly highly nutrient-rich foods, as I have experienced that intermittent fasting resets your body and eliminates cravings for sugar and toxic foods. 

So, how do I maintain my energy levels during the 20 hours fast? Of course, some of the time is spent sleeping. Other than that, I drink herbal teas, avoid caffeine, keep hydrated with water and then I break the fast with a vegan protein shake, jam packed with quality superfoods.

I have found that when I fast I have more energy, more mental clarity and focus. I feel lighter and my skin tone is brighter and my eyes clearer. Initially, it was quite hard to break the usual schedule of three meals per day, and I used to be really attached to the myth that to have a super-toned body, you have to eat more and exercise hardout. However, now it is easy and such a part of my normal routine that any old patterns and programs that I practiced in the past, in my desire for some ‘perfect’ shape that seemed constantly elusive, just appear now, on recollection, to be odd and inappropriate.

What Sort of Food?

For me, organic food is a non-negotiable aspect of my eating choices, even when travelling. And although my diet is essentially 90% vegan, I am not an overly ‘fussy’ vegan and I do enjoy organic eggs and the freshest of local fish and especially seafood in particular destinations. 

Once a month I undertake a full 2 day cleanse, with a personalised nutritional cleansing system, that I have been using for about the last 5 years, cleaning my body at a cellular level. It keeps my skin and hair radiant.

Get that Body Moving!

Moving my body every day is crucial to my personal regime….however, despite my trim and fit appearance, this does not include a regular visit to the gym. Don’t misunderstand me, I’m  not a knocker of those who enjoy a gym workout for health and fitness. However, I mostly favour instead, activated, on the spot, personally tailored workouts, sometimes supported by a fitness app and either inside or outside in the sun. The workouts vary in intensity depending on what my body feels like and what my work demands are. Essentially, in terms of exercise, I prefer to follow my ‘bliss.’ However, I do stress that exercise for me, is daily focused, purposeful, and conscious, sometimes light and gentle, sometimes more intense, sometimes just a stretching routine. This is an integral, important aspect of my lifestyle.

Always ‘Listen’ to Your Body

The bottom line of all of my regimes and routines is that I ‘listen’ to my body every day. I give it what it desires and I consciously and intentionally love it every day. I would encourage people to tune in, listen to their higher self and find their ‘bliss’ and their own rhythm. You must be 100% committed to truly having the body, energy, and health that you desire. It’s your body and your vehicle for your soul.


 And remember…

You Absolutely Can Have it all

and you can give back as well.

Regan x