Top 3 Tips to Change Your Negative Thoughts…

And Stay on Top of Your Goals

Negative thoughts. Gee they are hard to control. They are really challenging. They just pop up, don’t they? Your mind sometimes does it’s best to sabotage what you are trying to do…when you are focused and fixed on moving forward.

So many of my clients (and me as well, as none of us are immune) say that it is these random negative thoughts that cruise through your brain..that serve to de-focus and essentially undermine the work that you are doing.

So many people are wrapped up in their internal thoughts, they don’t actually understand what is consuming them, they just get blocked. Then, they don’t get the results that they desire.

So…Tip # 1 Stop, take stock, listen and actually be aware of what is going on in your own head.

What is your mind saying? Why is it saying that? Where did that come from?

Tip # 2 Look at the resistance to actually achieving the goals.

If your mind is telling you, for example, that you can’t do $100k per month in your business. It’s saying “Gee! That’s really BIG….Waaaaay too BIG for you!”. Then you have to look at the resistance of what is actually blocking you to go out and really make that goal happen. Ask yourself…”What is stopping me from manifesting that goal and making it a reality?” Where is the internal block that’s preventing this from happening?

Tip # 3 Take massive action.

Once you have decided what it is that you truly, really want. And be super clear on that aspect of the process. Take real, massive, aligned action to bring this goal into your reality. Realise the block, clear the block and move forward really, really fast.

It’s not a simple matter to clear negative thoughts, it is super challenging, however with regular practice and the genuine desire to take control of negative thoughts and your random, wandering mind, you can move forward into a place of calling in the abundance and the life of your dreams, that you desire. 


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And remember…

You Absolutely Can Have it all

and you can give back as well.

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