The Secret Millionaire Launch Strategy

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How does the Secret Millionaire Launch Strategy work?

In my work, I constantly see people who go through a system they have been following or have taken a course in. They have a set of steps and guidelines that they have been given by someone else….They devise a launch, and they think that they have the strategy nailed…..And they usually are not realising or in touch with what exactly they are trying to tap into.

They come out of it…and say, “Hey!” I did this, now I can teach this….” Then they end up teaching a strategy piece that is only 10% of what people really need in terms of truly understanding and knowing how to piece together a launch strategy that is super on target for their tribe. Then, they have failures because they are trying to launch products and services by numbers…. and their followers drift away.

Strategy IS important and you must have one. however, if strategy is the ONLY piece in your tool kit, you will not be successful.

Often, if a strategy works for someone else, you will find that it doesn’t fully work for you. You can’t just imitate someone else’s strategy and have it replicate their success. I see people constantly looking OUTSIDE of themselves for the answers……..

So what does work? Every single time?

I launch products and services in many different ways, across many different platforms, and through many diverse methods….it’s never the same. And…the reason why my strategies consistently work… is the internal piece.

This is the secret…to creating ALIGNED strategy…strategy that comes from within, from a place of integrity……

This is the secret….. that the launch strategy is all within….

And of course there are many steps to a successful launch that are important…

But it all comes from within….in your gut, what feels right internally and with integrity.

You don’t have to be a social media expert to get the results. You have to follow the straight internal practice. The key to all of this is…Are you able to monetise your life?

There should be no separation between growing your business and breathing. Living your life and growing your business. So how do you do that?

You must have your internal belief system in alignment with what you are calling in. If you believe that your launches are in flow with monetising your life, then it will be so. Take the time to align your strategy with your life. Creativity comes from fun and enjoyment. These are the most creative times. You need a belief system that tells you that your bliss will be aligned with your ability to monetise your life! Have structures that support this concept. Think… you need to upgrade your belief system to capture this?

So, after the solid belief system is in place… you have to listen…..because if your belief system is solid and you are wired to believe that you will make money with ease and grace and flow with integrity and intention, then you will start receiving….ideas, thoughts, events, you can tag it as divine intervention, gut feeling…..whatever you call it…you will get the nudges… will receive.

Make sure you, open up, take notice, shut up, create space…..and LISTEN.

Then……after you have been still and LISTENED and taken note of the nudges, the heartbeat…and linked this to the offer…then ask yourself…what is this HELL YES! offer that you are going to launch? Then…….start fleshing it out…what are the pieces…and how do they relate to the nudges? Start building from there.

Remember, you must create your products and services and your launches as beings, having a heartbeat, a coding and an entity. You are birthing a being into a physical reality….get the pieces right.

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And remember…

You Absolutely Can Have it all

and you can give back as well.

Regan x