You’ve done the work, you know what the message or product or service is that you want to share with the world and you have your ‘packages’ and your particular skill set all lined up.

Then, what comes next? How do you actually ‘launch’ yourself and your magic onto the stage and who, if anyone will see it, hear it, notice it and take it on board?

There are essential steps to layering and building business launch skills, both internally and externally. They are around taking action that is aligned and consistent and this approach is well documented and of course, I have often talked about the strategy involved in building a location-free, online business or personal brand.

And, of course, a launch time is a busy, sometimes, frantic period in any business, be it a new business or an established enterprise, repositioning itself or launching a new concept, product or service.

Harnessing The Power Of ‘The Pause’

However, in all of the madness that occurs at this time, by far the most powerful technique that I recommend to my clients is the power of The Pause…..

Early on in the evolution of a launch, the power of the pause often offers true, tuned in, insight. 

Over the years involved in building my own seven-plus figure business, I have had many reminders to pause….because often, it is in this pausing, in frantic times, that true clarity occurs.

The power of simply breathing, creating space, reflecting and pausing, allows the magic to happen. 

It is in the reflective space of the powerful pause, you become available for deliberation and in that moment, you make yourself available to listen to your inner guidance. You create the space within the strategy framework to actually go within and harness your natural creativity and intuition around the launch.

In regards to ‘The Pause’ there is no set time….. 

to be reflective, I have had pauses that lasted four weeks and pauses that have lasted just a few moments. It’s receiving the clarity around the messaging that is important.

You can look at all of the ‘facts’ around a launch, the numbers and the expectations, the market, the target clients and the time, however it is in the powerful pause, the reflective times that the true clarity of the worth of the launch will be revealed. 

Please note, also, that getting ‘lost’ in the pause is not what I am advocating. Nor using the pause to self-sabotage..the purpose of the pause is to listen, evaluate and surrender to doing the work that is required to have the very best launch possible. It’s a time to evaluate what you have created and determine that it is the best possible content and offering to launch, to attract the best possible value clients.

It’s creating the space to be available…

to be able to see and reflect back at yourself and be open to listening in different ways. How many times have you felt a voice or your intuition giving you that ‘feeling’ that ‘nudge’ and you have ignored it, then in retrospect, in the 20/20 hindsight you have realised that you should have listened or acted. Ignore your soul’s guidance at your own peril.

Of course, I am certainly in favour of the specific steps that one should undertake to make a product or service launch a well worked out, strategic, genuine, value for money entity, however, I am also a huge believer in listening to your inner guidance, your gut, your soul, your belief and your own mindset when it comes to really showing up as your authentic self and giving true resonance to your launch. The power of The Pause.


And remember…

You Absolutely Can Have it all

and you can give back as well.

Regan x