In my experience of coaching clients and talking to people attending my seminars, I am interested in their answers when I ask them “What  is your vision? What is your dream? What do you actually want?”

Lots of Money…

You see, people don’t quantify what it is that they want. They say things like…”Oh Regan…I want to give more and I want to be financially free…” 

And when I say to them…”Financially free….so…how much money is that?” Invariably they say “I don’t know…just lots of money…lost more money”

How Much is Enough?

So, when I offer them $10.00 and tell them that, that is ‘more money’….they are confused…they immediately say that, no, that is not enough…$1,000.00? Still not enough…..? 

When most people come to their vision, they go…”Okay what do I want?” And they pluck a number from the sky…..more often than not…it is one million dollars. 

Emotional Connection is Important.

So, how do they know? If you are not emotionally connected to the actual amount of money you wish to receive and if you don’t have a list of really, really good reasons for manifesting exactly that amount of money…..then it’s NOT going to show up!

What’s the Reason?

Show me one successful person who is doing multi seven figures and beyond in their business who says….”Gee, you know, I just picked a number and there it was…” 

Nah, I don’t think so….It just doesn’t happen like that.

Here’s the Workaround…

I always say, when embarking upon a new project or money target, I stop and ask myself…”Why do I want this money? And why am I doing this?” And, “How much money do I need to make this particular dream a reality?” Then you add up the figures and you have a number….not a penny more, not a penny less…..

At this point, when you have that figure, you have an aligned figure. A figure that is aligned exactly to the vision. You have a figure that is emotionally connected to what you are looking to call in. 

So You Have the Money Vision..?

And here is one of the massive things. Here’s where people stuff it up, when it comes to money…they simply focus on the money….they have their money vision…and it is awesome….and they forget about everything else…their family, their relationships….and their health and all of the aspects that make life liveable….

I have seen people manifest the money and lose the other things that were integral to their happiness….it is because they were not intentional about what they are calling in.

Do It In An Holistic Way.

So, I encourage you to get clear on what you are calling in…do it in an intentional way, in an holistic way,



And remember…

You Absolutely Can Have it all

and you can give back as well.

Regan x