The Biggest Misconceptions Around Wealth, Money and Abundance.

I have felt so incredibly liberated in the past two years. And, this is something that you may find quite strange, that in this age of lockdowns, lack of freedom to travel and countries limiting their people’s freedoms that I would find this state of chaos and flux liberating.

But, in fact I do. 

This is because I have seen so many people receive a ‘wake up call’ in relation to their personal relations, their work and career aspirations, their values, their appreciation of their family links and their reason for existing on this planet. Of course, there has been a heavy toll on some people’s mental and physical health, but, on the whole, I feel that this has been recognised and responded to.

We Are Now Living In Enlightened Times.

I have faith that, because of the change and the shifts that we have been exposed to, we are now living in considerably heightened socially conscious times. 

I have seen a big, positive shift in humanity. We have, on the whole, been kinder to each other and ourselves and we have learned the value of the tireless efforts put in by front-line workers and key dedicated health professionals. Whole populations have rallied to question government responses to the global pandemic and many people have changed the way and the why of how and who they work for and with.

Lockdowns have heightened our value and appreciation


…for the freedoms and the ability to move simply within and appreciate our natural environment, that previously, we may have taken for granted.

But, How About The Business Community?

I believe that we have also seen changes within the business community, namely a shift from the old models of work ethics equaling success, and the rise of a movement that more of us can be a part of, a movement of new thought leaders who want to make this world a better place. 

However, There are Some Misconceptions….

Even with the shift in humanity towards looking for alternatives to the 9 – 5 and the ‘way’ of generating wealth, there are still some of the old misconceptions that stand and that I regularly encounter from my engagement with the population online.

It is widely believed ….

…that If you are successful and create a large amount of money, it means that you are not heart-centered. And, the more personal wealth you create, the less caring or socially conscious you are perceived as. From what I have witnessed and my interactions with heart-centered, affluent people, the successful people who are committed to opening up and stepping into greater levels of abundance are people who are also committed to leaving the world that we live in a better place. This is a conscious choice.

Also, when people believe and have negative responses to money, they perceive that money is bad and cannot see that money can be used for a greater good.

There are so many people who are out there successfully creating opportunities for others, keeping their hearts open and choosing to be in service to leave this planet a better place. 

I know from my personal situation, that if I have more abundance and opportunity, then this leads me to create even more change in the world and include others in my visions for the planet.

You Can Have Personal Success, Thrive And Make A Difference. 

What are your thoughts around money? Is it a power for good or evil?

I love you!

And remember…

You Absolutely Can Have It All!

Regan x

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