Tapping into a Higher Level of You

Tap into the higher version of you so that you can manifest at a rapid speed.

So….what does that mean? How do you achieve what you want, not only with speed, but with ease and with grace?

I get asked this all the time….how can I pull this into the ‘now’ a bit more?

How can I achieve what I want? how do I manifest this quickly?

There are some critical things that I do all the time around manifestation. These things are really quite basic and shouldn’t be overlooked.

I start By always looking at the big picture of what I’m aiming to achieve.

You need to be super, super clear on this aspect. What is the goal? And, what is the big picture reality outcome? Now…….lock in on it.

If you start hearing those limiting voices….am I worthy of this? Is this too big? Then you must put this to the side.

Remove all the filters and get clear on what you want and claim it.

It’s not enough to think “I want more” …you need to know exactly what you want. Think…… this is what I want ……..in specific detail……..and go after it.

When you have locked in the big picture outcome….ask yourself…”Who do I need to become to achieve this?”

We are all capable of anything…

We can all manifest stuff…the only difference is our mindset, who we are choosing to be and who we are choosing to show up as.

Not who am I now….but who do I need to become? I see people all over the world trying to create their reality from a picture of who they are now….and their limiting beliefs……not who they need to become to receive their true outcomes.

Who do you know you are going to become? What is the higher version of you? What is the greatest version of you?

What is the version of you that is powerful beyond measure?

That version of you that is locked inside somewhere. If you removed all of the limits and self-doubts….who would come out?

Create your version of your reality from THAT space. The space that removes all limiting beliefs and negative doubts.

How would that person invest in themselves? How would that person show up? Who would that person hang out with? What would that person tolerate and more importantly….NOT tolerate?

Who would you be?

Still essentially you, of course…but a HIGHER, more accelerated, more incredible version of YOU.

If you were to create from that space…do you think your results would be different? How different? What would they look like?

So how does this look?

Firstly…BIG-picture reality. Lock in those outcomes, what does this look like?

Secondly…..who do you need to become to massively accelerate your goals and dreams? Start to really create from that space.

Thirdly…you have to take aligned action. Get out there and bring that big-picture reality into the now.

Create from the space of that higher reality and identity…..and watch for the results!

And…..always remember ….


You Absolutely Can Have it all

Regan x