Take Yourself to a New Level and Make a Massive IMPACT

Hey guys. . .I have been really focussed over the last two months. . .

Not that I’m not always focussed, but lately I been doing some really big work…..yes, you get it…the work NEVER stops.

I’ve been focussed on really upleveling my life and taking everything to the next level, health, money, relationships…everything…including IMPACT.

Now, I’ve always run an impactful life and business, so what’s changed?

Well, I’ve been asking myself, “what more can I be doing?”

Especially to impact and make change on a global scale.

I know and understand that if you upscale every aspect of your life and continue to grow, but you don’t give and contribute, then everything gets out of whack. We’ve all seen that huh? People who just continue to make money and don’t give back…they get a distorted view of life, the world and people.

So, I decided to make my massive global impact on something that I deeply, deeply care about.

Yes, of course, if you follow me regularly, you will have guested it….


My life revolves around education, educating people, making a positive difference in people’s lives through education, and sharing knowledge. I adore inspiring people to make more of their lives and change their mindsets for positive growth and good. To have more and give more.

I am so excited and proud because I am helping to raise millions in the long run for schools in less fortunate places and economies…Places like India, Africa….so many different places.

I believe that children should have access to a good start, and it starts with education.

Regardless of their age, race, religion or the society they are growing up in.

So….I’ve found this really cool system…It is sooo cool…..Here’s how it works.

In order to build one schoolhouse, which will last about 20 years and educate over 1,000 children, it is $10,000.  

At first hearing….that’s like….”Oh!” right?

But…all you need to do to get this happening is to have 33 people donating……

$3.33 per day…

That’s less than a cup of coffee huh? If you get 33 people donating $3.33 per day over a three month period……you’ve paid for the school!

That’s a NO BRAINER!

I know that there are so many people out there who get this, that would love to partner with me and join forces to make this happen.

Just from the last webinar training that I did, we raised just under half of the 10k.

I am so proud of everyone who has stepped up and chosen to play at this global level of impact.

And…….Everyone who contributes to the first two schoolhouses will be featured on Regan Hillyer TV…..

Because I am just so in awe of everyone who steps up in this life and thinks “Yeah, I can effect change and I can make a difference”.

Remember that every little bit counts and my goal is to build TWO schoolhouses this month. I’m kicking off in India for the first one.

If this pulls on your heartstrings, resonates with you…because this is a give-back that crosses borders, transcends religion, race and politics and gets stuff done, then click on the link below and make a real difference in many lives.

Together we really can change the world.


And remember…

You Absolutely Can Have it all

and you can give back as well.

Regan x