Spirit Guide Activation

Do You Ever Feel Lost And Alone In The World?

After This, You Never Will Again…

Hi Love, Regan Here,

I’m so glad you’re here.

Because right now, the world is experiencing a state of chaos. We all feel it, right?

It's in these times that we need our connection to our spirit guidance more than EVER…

Full disclosure…

When I first heard of spirit guides, I was super skeptical – it sounded a little crazy. So I rejected it from my practice for years.

I don’t believe in regrets, but honestly? I wish I had started opening myself to the possibility of spirit guides long ago.

Connecting with my spirit guides changed EVERYTHING…

Embracing the timeless wisdom that I receive from my spirit guides has transformed my life in powerful, magical ways. And I’ve helped countless friends and clients connect with their spirit guides and reap the benefits, too.

“It’s actually opened a portal for me

Not only has this activation increased my vibration in a palpable way over the last 3 days, it’s actually opened a portal for me that I was almost convinced was reserved only for people with some sort of ‘special gift’ that I was missing.
Beyond that, it’s a complete auditory treat! It will take you on an emotional journey and you will literally look forward to listening to it any chance you get; I definitely do!

-Tara Daylami

How Can You Connect With Your Spirit Guides?

Love, I’m So Glad You Asked!

The Answer Is Simple: I’ve Channeled the Perfect Activation to Help You Connect With Your Spirit Guides

Just for You.

In turbulent times, it’s tempting to succumb to doubt and anxiety, to look outside yourself for guidance. Yet, searching for meaning and guidance in the external world will only cause harm.

In fact, the most powerful guidance you’ll ever experience lies within.

That’s right. Within You.

When you relinquish the constructs and conditions that have blocked your connection, you’ll find your spirit guides right there waiting for you.

They are ready to show you the way forward, and guide you to create the profound shifts and change you want to see in your life with ease and grace.

When You Feel Lost Or Alone, Your Spirit Guides Are There.

They are always there, ready with potent clarity and compassion to shed light on your path and instil confidence as you take each step on your journey.

Your Spirit Guides Have Been Waiting For You.

Are You Ready To Step Into Their Powerful Light And Receive Their Loving Guidance?

Spirit guides can only help us if we initiate the connection. They can’t approach us. We need to take the first step to inviting their guidance, and participate in making our relationship with them stronger.

That’s why working with your spirit guides on a daily basis is so profound – that relationship becomes stronger, more natural, more intrinsic, to the point where their guidance is a constant flow of grace and ease through everything in your life.

” I feel so aligned and connected

My experience was a perfectly paced, powerful punch-up on my activated business.

Every time I listen to Regan’s activation I feel so aligned and connected to my true divine nature and my loving guides. I get to come back to the knowing that we are all supported by source and I'm able to bring this upgrade into enjoying the adventure of my life and business.

-Nadav Wilf

Who Are My Spirit Guides?

Your spirit guides can manifest in limitless ways, including

Elemental Guides (such as water, wind, fire, earth, ether)
Natural Guides (including plants, trees, rocks, flowers, rivers)
Animal Guides (spirits of animal beings)
Past Friends and Family
Galactic beings of light
Angels & Fairies
Ascended Masters
Non-earthly ET Races
and so many more…

You’ll Want To Make This Activation An Essential Part Of Your Regular Spiritual Practice…

Connecting with your spirit guides is like working a muscle…

…if you do it once you’ll feel the difference briefly. Welcome in their guidance every day, and you’ll notice profound transformation in so many aspects of your life.

And with this powerful activation, it’s so easy. Once you download it, it’s yours to use as often as you want or need.

Now More Than Ever, It’s Time To Tap Into The Bottomless Well Of Wisdom Your Spirit Guides Offer

So many people are experiencing chaos and uncertainty right now, unsure whether to turn left or right. It can feel paralyzing…

You might want to initiate and create profound change in your reality, but…


Every decision is heavy and overwhelming
You want to make transformative shifts but can’t see how
You feel stuck and afraid, unsure of the path forward

You are not alone! Love, you are not alone.

Your spirit guides are right here. All you need to do is turn within, open, and drop deep into their boundless wisdom and love.

That’s exactly what my Connect With Your Spirit Guides Activation helps you do.

By working with your spirit guides, you’ll receive powerful multidimensional messages that give you the trust and intuition to create the change you want with ease, grace and flow.

Be ready to surrender and go within, open up, and connect to the universal guidance your spirit guides hold.

I mean it – guidance you don’t even know is there, is ready for you right now!


“I finally connected with one of my guides

Regan, wow!! As you know, I've been asking to connect with my spirit and galactic guides recently. Your activation has been a divine gift. I had an incredible experience with the SG activation this morning. I finally connected with one of my guides and received a massive download….literally body shaking experience. It left me feeling renewed. My body felt (and still feels) different. Lighter. Like something that was weighing me down has been stripped away, allowing me to be free. I know I've shifted. Looking forward to the integration of the download. Thank you for this tool which is definitely an add on to my morning practice. I cannot wait for the adventure that lies ahead as I discover and develop my relationship with my guides. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

-Sharmila Soosaipillai

How Do I Know This Guidance Is So Powerful?

I Use It Every Single Day!

Every day, I call on and work with multiple spirit guides.

Between us, love…

My spirit guides are my greatest mentors. They operate almost like coaches, or facilitators of change and abundance. I call on them every day, sometimes multiple times a day.


Spirit guides activate profound intuitive knowing and decision making. Through connecting with your spirit guides, you’ll be able to tap into different layers of your multidimensional senses and processes, uncovering new wisdom and insight.

Take A Moment To Contemplate…

The Magical Impact This Activation Will Have Throughout Your Life!

When you use this activation, it will help you connect with the spirit guidance you need to tap into your innate wisdom and manifest everything you desire in endless realms…

Manifest Physical Health and Wellbeing
Expand Your Business Beyond Your Dreams
Experience Trust In the Universe
Attract The Relationship You Want
Receive Profound Insight And Heal Your Spirit
Download Transformative Shifts and Upgrades In Your DNA
Create Abundance In Your Finances
Feel Deep Connection To And Trust In Your Divine Self

I’ve helped dear friends and many clients to connect with their spirit guides, with simply astounding results.

I’m so excited to share this beautiful process – which has already transformed many lives – with you today.

All you have to do is find a quiet place, and get started!


So, What Happens During The Activation?

Accessing the power of this activation is simple, love. Let me explain how

All you need to do is relax, get comfortable, close your eyes, and let go of attachment or expectation so you can truly be open to receiving, seeing, and downloading spirit wisdom… From there – I’ve got you.

During the activation, I take you through a process of preparation to connect with your spirit guides, so your energy fields are optimally ready to connect with your spirit guides and see, feel and download their wisdom at a cellular level.

Then, I’ll guide you through the steps for you to connect with your spirit guides and take on the wisdom they have for you.

During the Connect With Your Spirit Guides Activation, you may experience:


Physical sensations such as heat or tingling
Images and ideas
A sense of weightlessness or of deep grounding
Subtle pulsations or vibrations
Thought transfers directly from your spirit guide
The activation sidesteps the rational mind to tap into your magnificent subconscious, for immediate and impactful results.

Bask In The Pure Light Language Of My Own Spirit Guides

At times, I channel “light language” from my own spirit guides, enabling you to go deeper and open more to your multi-dimensional senses.

So if you don’t understand what’s occurring rationally, don’t worry! Relax and enjoy the journey to this deep connection with your spirit guides.

The only way the activation doesn’t work is if you don’t want it to!

So bring your open, available, humble and curious heart, and let’s get started…

The activation is beautifully tuned to the special frequency of 852 Hz combined with the frequencies of nature.

852 Hz is one of the Solfeggio frequencies that contributes to Solfeggio Scale. This frequency bridges the gap between instinct and reason and enables you to harmonize with the all-embracing Spirit. It heightens your intuitive awareness and alignment with spiritual order, and impacts your deepest cellular processes, enabling cells to transform to a higher level.

You know you’re ready to receive the divine wisdom and clear, intuitive intelligence of your Spirit Guides.

That’s why you’re here right now. Let’s get started!

“This is seriously next level!

I’ve just completed the spirit guide activation and wow!! The whole activation was a multidimensional experience. I connected with several guides who I consciously work with, and a giant light being who’s been with me for nearly 10 years finally introduced himself and gave me a healing, showing me new layers of my multidimensional self that I’m ready to tap into in this human existence.. turns out he was a future version of me from a star system I’m yet to connect with. Mind blown. Can’t wait to integrate this into my daily practice! This is seriously next level Regan, as always! Thank you so much 🙏🏽

-Libby Wallace

It gets even better…

My Connect With Your Spirit Guides activation is so potent and impactful I want to make this available for everyone, especially during this time of turmoil in our world!

The activation itself is $197, however, for a very limited time, I have created a discount code, to allow you as one of the first people to take advantage of this activation, to have access to my Connect With Your Spirit Guides Activation for just $33.

Connect with your own spirit guides
Experience profound energetic realignment

For you to use again and again, as often as you want

Whenever and wherever you please

This amazing activation comes together as a package of three audio elements: the Connect With Your Spirit Guides Activation, a detailed explanation of how to use the activation, and another that explains how to fully integrate the subconscious and energetic shifts you experience during the activation, to maximize its benefits.

For a short time all this is for you, for just $33 (usually $197)

when you use the code spirit33


I’m so excited and honored to share this beautiful experience with you… Let’s get started now!

Much love,

Regan xox

“Connected with a new guide today!

From Polaris. I had no idea where that was so I looked it up afterwards…. it's the North Star!! And I've been feeling lately that my role here on earth is to be a guide…. not a coach etc but a guide. And now this connection… getting tingles even as I type this… ✨✨

-Sharmila Soosaipillai