Public Speaking Secrets Decoded

So many times clients, friends and family have commented to me…”How do you get up there at events and Keynote speak to so many people, so confidently? Aren’t you terrified? I would be.”

People also ask me, “Regan do you write your talks?” And, “How do you prepare to go on stage, in front of so many people?”

Let the Spirit Flow….

Well, to put it simply, and to be completely honest, I let the spirit take care of that. I jump on stage and I simply have a core intention. It’s a core intention of exactly what I want the audience to take away from their engagement with me, and from that place, I allow the magic to come through. I have found from experience, that if I over plan things, if I script things and draft things out, I tend to block the fluidity and the magic.

Acknowledge the Fear

There is an innate fear of putting yourself ‘up there’ of standing up and exposing yourself to the audience’s scrutiny and gaze. This is a thoroughly natural feeling and fear that we all suffer from, and until you do the inner, self knowledge and confidence building work, then it will never leave you. So, start with really knowing yourself, doing the inner work and building your confidence levels. Release the negative vibe that’s always popping into your head. Those vibrations that say “You’re not good enough…why would anyone want to listen to you?”

Remember, you have a story 

And you have a vision. You are here to make an impact, and, if you don’t share that vision and that story with as many people as possible, it will never be a reality.

It’s a Process of Trust

For me, Keynoting is a huge process of surrender, it’s a process of trust and it’s a process of having a conversation and inviting the audience into that conversation. I personalise the key aspects and concepts that I want to present, to myself and my story. And, as it is my story and I’m not lecturing on something that should be done a particular way, but my actual journey, it makes it easier to present my concepts that I want the audience to take away from the engagement. Your personal story also bonds you to the audience.

Of course, you also have to really know your subject inside out and back to front and engage with your audience, and that is something that comes with practice. Regular practice.

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