Our Frequency Is Our Currency

So many people that I encounter in my travels and coaching are looking for more. . .

….they want more success, more time, more money, beautiful relationships  and more of the good things in their lives.

But, they’re playing with the wrong currency. . .

They are trying to grasp external currencies…to get themselves where they think they desire to be….

They use language like…“If only I had…..this amount of time……If only I had this amount of dollars….my life…my business…everything would be better.”…..

It’s grasping at currencies on the outside.

When what is really required is to shift the result INTERNALLY. . .the magic really is from WITHIN.

People are forgetting that the magic of it all is that the frequency is INSIDE of us, it’s not external…It’s not all those other things…It’s our TRUE currency and it comes from within.

Think about your words. And really importantly, think about what you speak into reality. Think about what we tell ourselves and others.

You have to be willing to do the work and to shift your vibration.

Ask yourself……

What is my frequency? Where am I right now? What if I could alter my frequency?

What if I could shift my external reality and start to receive and be something just a little bit different? What would this look like?

Do the work and start looking within…..

The answer lies within at that place that we are vibrating at…at that moment…

Where is your frequency? Because the highest emotional charge is what will manifest for you.

You can’t attract something to you if you are in a lower vibration…

Your frequency has to match the manifestation. Otherwise you will actually repel what you desire to call in…You’ll push it away.

Wake up! The most powerful currency lies within us….

Be sure on what you want….do the inner work..

Then you’ll know the energy, the vibration and the frequency required to tap into what you need at any given moment…..

What if you became the master of your own vibration and frequency…..? What if you were tapped in to your internal vibration, at the highest level……so things would just FLOW?


Every single day the frequency is inside of you….

Show up….do the work and be aware that the work never stops!


And remember…

You Absolutely Can Have it all

Regan x