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If A Single Mom With No Outside Help
Can Shift Into Consistent 5-Figure Months…


Imagine sipping mimosas at 30,000 ft before your 1st class flight touches down in Bali where 1,000s of people await you to host a transcendental workshop… AND you feel proud about earning $1,000,000s from a place of total integrity.

Hello, Love

How Will You React When I Reveal My Simple Shift Into An Abundant Flow Of Earning
Millions… While Sharing Your Passion & Purpose With The World?

You know that you have to be in alignment with your purpose. You have a vision. You know
the exercise. You have the why.

So what’s stopping you from scaling seemingly insurmountable hurdles when you KNOW you
have the skills to soar?

…Other people achieve their goals with ease… Why not you?

Is abundance only money in the bank?

You’ve likely heard this before (Maybe even from me).


“Maybe I’m not cut out for this… maybe I’m not meant to be successful!”
…Is what I told my mentor after investing $100,000s into my entrepreneurial journey years ago.

I threw myself into everything…
Wealth creation, property investment, trading currency, sales, business, marketing.
Doing everything people told me to do! But I had nothing to show for it.


“Regan, you got it all backwards. You’re pouring time, energy, and money you don’t have into strategies.
You need to work on you… You need to understand how successful people THINK.”


When 6-figure earners come to me, it’s often NOT the cool, secret, sly techniques served on a silver platter by a white glove society in a hidden room that takes them to high 6-figures or 7-figures.


And once you get it, it will blow your mind how easy it is. It’s as effortless as accepting yourself for who you are, knowing you’re worth it, and knowing you will achieve it.
Success Stories

Regan Is An Amazing Coach

My monthly income has grown to tens of thousands of pounds a month since joining the millionaire mindset program and next year I’m excited to say I will be running a 7 figure business.
Being able to dig into, reframe and do this mindset work has been the game changer for my life and I can’t wait to keep on learning.”

-Suzy Ashworth
Success Stories

I want to share that my greatest transformation in MMI was to untangle a shit ton of unresolved energy and reopened my creative flow which has guided me to the next level of my purpose! I know it's all inner related and also feel that the deep work (I didn't miss 1 training and went in fully each time to the soul work) I did set everything up for me to be fully regenerated and at a place to create a stronger foundation based on Millionaire pillars that I KNOW I will grow into. I have a whole new way of being, sharing, teaching, and living now and know the money is here and growing exponentially! Thank you so much for your pure, powerful, and beautiful way of leading! You are truly one of the purest teachers and people I've ever worked with!
I love you so much!!!!!

– Valerie Karla
Success Stories

Regan has been an absolute reinforcement when I joined the MMI a few years ago, I was in a place where I was unaware of how much I was operating my entire life from a place of control and not leaving room for God to work wonders in my life. My finances, physical health, and everything around me reinforced that I wasn't living in accordance to the vision God planted in my life – to be a Sovereign leader and catalyst for change. And the first year, I didn't understand the wealth conscious language. I just wanted to know the strategies and tactics to make millions. Give me the how on a silver platter! But as I continued to live and experience life, I realized how much my mindset and vibration were actually playing a role in the reality I was creating and I decided to dive in deeper. Regan has been an absolute reinforcement that in surrendering to your Sovereignty you can become exactly the woman that God calls you to be.

-Amanda Hines
Success Stories


I have to tell you. This isn’t for everyone.
You DON’T need to earn $1,000,000s to be happy and fulfilled. Not everyone is called to do it.
Not because it’s hard (though your Highest Self is expected to put in the work)… because it may not be what you really want.You don’t have to travel to sun-drenched Bali or Seychelles. You can thrive in your own backyard!

If You’re Content With The Tedium Of Life, Keep Doing What You’re Doing. However…

Here's the #1 Secret:

You decided that you deserve it, and then you receive it. Look, it’s no coincidence that you are reading this.

You are smart, talented, beautiful, and capable. The reason you can’t achieve wealth, health, and happiness isn’t because you lack the skills… It’s something else!


Because the worst part of all this? You don't even know which beliefs are obstacles to..

Accepting that you CAN and DESERVE to earn 7-figures joyfully.

Accepting that you CAN build it without resistance.

Accepting that you CAN sustain it with the support of people who truly embrace you.


We’re talking about people that earn 6-figures and 7-figures on average. You may not see yourself among them. Perhaps you think you’re not ready…


The problems they talk about aren’t often business related.

Yes, it’s so cool to see Suzy smash her money goal after using the exercises and strategies that I’ve coached her on and achieve massive success.

Do you know what their biggest wins often are?

  • Finally embracing the unquestioning support and unconditional love of their family.
  • Finally accepting their bodies as the beautiful vessels they truly are.
  • Finally enjoying their accomplishments and finding fulfillment in them.
  • Finally accepting that they are enough!

Our facebook group is a safe place to land.
You are among like-minded people.

Do you feel that the people around you just don’t “get it”?
That you’re not supported by your partner, family, co-workers,
or friends – the people closest to you?

Level online mastermind of 6+ figure earners. And they get it.
The spousal conflict, the self-doubt, the shame of not
speaking your truth…

Unlimited Access

Here’s What You Will Learn

  • How to dig into, reframe, and actually do the productive mindset exercises of 7-figure earners with 100% clarity.
  • How to create the strongest foundation based on Millionaire Principles that takes you to the next level – and keeps you there.
  • How to reinforce your finances and physical health by surrendering to your sovereignty.
  • How to get 1:1 access to me, Regan, almost anytime, anywhere, and solve urgent challenges where the stakes are highest (while being completely free in a safe and private environment.). More on that later!
  • How to track expenses without being obsessed and while staying open to abundance.
  • How to halve your work schedule and be 2x as productive.
  • How to own your voice and become a world-renowned leader to a tribe of empowered people.
  • How to upgrade your verbal arsenal with the Wealth Conscious language all 7-figure earners speak.
  • How to manifest your perfect lifestyle in harmony with the people who support you the most (and dismiss anyone not spiritually grounded or aligned with your truth.)
  • How to hack the right people for your journey. Your unique message requires the skill sets of unique people. Our family helps you identify who those people are. They may even be in our group…

Your Business Will Flourish When you
Leave The Storytelling Closet!

Your soul has a beautiful message to share with the world. It’s not only possible, it’s the desired outcome the universe wants for you… to live abundantly by sharing this divine message.

You Were Meant To Leave A Legacy. You Are Meant To Contribute. I’ll Show You How Step-By-Step!

Millions, Manifesting & Magic Is For You If…

  • You Need 24/7 Access To Our Millionaire Family Facebook Group. Collaborate with powerful people who can both sympathize and empathize with you on this millionaire journey. Or share your daily struggles in a judgement-free zone.
  • You Need An Accountability Partner to provide a sense of urgency. Love, sometimes we get discouraged and don’t feel like doing activities that align us with our vision. You may disappoint yourself, but will you disappoint a dear friend? We lift each other up.
  • You Need Me To Personally Assess Your Situation. I comment on nearly every post. The millionaire family are the people who need my insight the most.
  • You Need Advanced Monthly Training. There is still a practical component. Twice a month you receive advanced techniques to harness your inner and outer strength. The business practices which got you to 6-figures are different than the ones needed to break 7-figures.
  • You Need To Shift Your Identity Each Time You SMASH Your Money Goal – Until You KNOW You’re A Millionaire! You can’t outearn your internal self. I help shift your identity up & up beyond millionaire status.
  • You Need To Track Your Earnings – Not Obsess Over it! I help you break down and execute your money goal over 12 months (without obsessing over every cent!).
  • You Need Someone To Push You To Dream Bigger, Bolder, Sexier, & “Crazier”. Your vision is like a muscle. I help you “work it out” so life becomes unrecognizable!
  • You Need 100% Confidence That Your Vision Will Manifest. I take you through the spiritual work to be content in knowing that your vision has manifested.
  • You Need To Live That Millionaire Lifestyle Before Your Bank Account Catches Up. These are lifestyle hacks that shift your identity before a cent has manifested in your account. Living your dream lifestyle likely doesn’t cost what you think it does!
  • You NEED To Learn How To Sell Without Actually Selling. What if you could persuade your Soul Tribe of clients through your body language, story telling, enthusiasm, and integrity? The sale happens on an unconscious level.
  • You MUST Know The Secret Millionaire Habits The Ultra Affluent Design Their Daily Routine Around for maximum productivity and wealth.
  • Your “Give/Receive” Cycle Needs To Be Programmed For Effortless Abundance. Many people come to me because they’re scared to give more – I teach you how to receive abundance 100% guilt-free!
  • You Struggle With Fear, Doubt, & Sabotage. I’ll work with you to discover the root trauma and supplant it with Confidence, Certainty, & Protection.
  • You Deserve Love & Gratitude… And Just Need A Little Help Believing It! The reason people achieve their goals and are miserable is because they lack self-love. I’ll guide you through exercises that make your manifestations fulfilling.
  • You Are Ready To Scale & Automate Your Business… But Aren’t Sure HOW! Each decimal on your annual income is acquired in different ways. Learn the business practices of a millionaire!
  • You Let People Violate Your 23 Levels of Tolerance. Not sure if someone should be in your life? Set firm boundaries with the “Millionaire Tolerance Scale”.
  • You Seek The Energy Of The Rich. And want to immerse yourself in it daily.
  • You Need To Beef Up Your Belief. Even if you shift your needle of belief 2%… and another 2%… it becomes unshakeable before you realize it!
  • You Wonder If Your Decisions Will Accelerate You To Millions And Beyond… Or If You’re Moving Backward! I’ll show you how a millionaire makes decisions that are in total alignment with their vision.
  • You Need To Understand Your Mission, Purpose, & Message On A Deeper Level. There’s always more to share. The deeper you dive, the more your Soul Tribe will support you.
  • You Stop & Start Too Often… And Need UNSTOPPABLE Momentum! You and I don’t stop until we hit MILLIONAIRE status – and then we keep going!

This is the gold membership!

And you can enroll while membership remains open. You will receive an abundance of concentrated knowledge that you cannot receive elsewhere.
The classes present CRUCIAL instruction for breaking through your plateau.

Now, you may be at a level where the slightest uncertainty in your identity could result in $10,000s lost. Every small decision has the potential to be catastrophic.

The Stakes Are High. You Need A 100% Private Place To Be Vulnerable
. . . There’s Just One Challenge!

Private mentorship starts at 1,000,000 annually!

And I don't align with just anyone in this capacity. Only 5 entrepreneurs are admitted.

What drives those clients to multi-million-dollar status and a life they barely recognize FASTER than anyone is because our lives are intertwined.

They have daily access to me. Where I go, they go.

If YOU need to address energetic imbalances or rewire internal struggles instantly lest they manifest as $1,000,000 STRESS in your business!…

Or you need technical expertise of someone who's made more mistakes than you've ever made decisions. . . And my fee is a little too much right now. . .

Then let me introduce the Platinum option:

Almost 24/7 1-to-1 Access to Me, Regan! Over voicemail and text for 12 months. You can talk about anything with someone who’s been there… how you’re going to meet payroll, self-doubt, even sex… none of your questions are shameful.
This Is For When You Need Guidance Immediately!

1-to-1 Monthly Coaching Session with your Private Coach! Handpicked by me. Learn from other people that walk the talk.

You Get All This Plus Everything In The Gold Membership.

This Is The Platinum Membership

You may ask yourself if you’re ready for this program. If you’re worth making the investment in

If You Don’t Trust Yourself Now… Trust The Decision Your Higher Self Has Already Made!

You see, if we make decisions from how our life is manifesting now, the view remains the same.
Let me tell you how I made this choice (even though I was sick to my stomach!).
Years ago I was invited to a gala with ultra affluent entrepreneurs. Champagne… hors d'oeuvres nicer than steak dinners… I felt totally uncomfortable.

But That Was A Career And Life-Defining Decision!

Even though I felt like a fraud, I made the best of it by scrutinizing patrons on how they made their wealth. It was totally CONFUSING – Each person told a different story!
Yet they had one thing in common.
They stood with their shoulders back, they believed they DESERVED to be there…
Even before they made their wealth.

Decide That You Are Worthy.

Maybe your higher self doesn’t need to fly to sandy white beaches, wear Chanel, have a chiseled body, or the loving support of a partner with rock-hard abs.
(It’s not a lifestyle everyone is guided to.)
You DO deserve a life of TOTAL freedom and synchronicity with your authentic self. You deserve to be you.

I’ve Invested Millions To Learn What I’m About To Teach You

I knew that getting as close as possible to $1,000,000 entrepreneurs was the secret sauce. And let me tell you – it hurt! I was already making good money and (I thought) living in alignment with my highest self.
But through exposure to new people, environments, and ideas, I was able to reach another level.
And now I want to guide you to that level for a sliver of what I’ve invested!

Membership Is Limited To (70) Opportunities

Because you deserve my unfiltered attention, I must cap off membership at 70.
If Your Highest Self Would Look Back With Even An Ounce Of Regret, You Need This Because…

That sapling of regret sprouts into a “what if” tree bearing the fruit of despair.
Here’s What I Want You To Do, Love:

  • Click the big “Yes Regan! Apply Now For A Membership!” button.
  • Complete the brief inquiry to align with an RHI Certified Success Specialist.
  • The Success Specialist will review your application. If it is aligned for you and I to train together, they will call you when scheduled to start a dialogue.
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Heads Up: Sooo Many People Reach Out To Me Daily. Because I Want To Make Sure That Every Single Applicant Manifests The Millions They’re Destined For, It’s Important That You Show Up At The Time Specified.

I am very selective with my applicants, all of my clients are hand picked from hundreds of applicants who I believe are the best fit for working with me and who are really looking to go the extra-mile for their dream life. If you think this is you and you’re ready to invest in my private mastermind, please fill out the application below. After that you will be asked to meet with one of my coaches to see whether this is the best path for you right now. Or if you want to directly chat with me, click the link at the bottom.

Regan x