Mercury Manifestation Ceremony Live


Beloved Soul,

Are You ready?

On the 24th of January 2021, an unusual planetary alignment will occur, that will be visible to the human eye at sunset.

Mercury will be in it’s maximum eastern elongation to the sun, allowing for potent shifts and upgrades to take place, preparing us to thrive through Mercury Retrograde that follows closely after on January 30th.

With all of the divine Plasma light that is currently flooding into the planet from the Great Central Sun, the Atmosphere and Crystalline Core of the Earth, combined with this planetary alignment…

a grand illumination HAS takeN place LAST January 24th


Join Us Familia,

In the live Mercury Manifestation Ceremony

This ceremony will support you in utilising this moment of illumination to open up dormant pathways of communication within you and outside of you. Allowing you to build greater connection points with intergalactic communities and also greater connection points within your own consciousness.

This is the time beloveds, that the receiving of universal downloads will be heightened, for those with eyes to see, ears to hear and hearts to act from.

As the pathways of communication grow stronger throughout the ceremony, you will be supported in receiving a full brain illumination, releasing old brain waves, thinking and conditioning that no longer serves you, whilst utilising fun, humor and pleasure to tap into the highest states of manifestation that are available to you.

Through this Mercury elongation, we will be utilising the alignment to accelerate our personal and planetary ascension pathways, opening up access through the gateways to higher realms, whilst remaining anchored, present and stable in our physical human experience.

Dear One,

One of the gifts that is also available through this Mercury portal, is the amplification of financial abundance, so naturally we will be activating these codes within the ceremony, for people who truly have hearts of divine service and a resident frequency of unconditional love.

As we build these links and bridges together, we will be creating a powerful vortex to ground and stabilise all of these shifts that will be taking place through each of us.

As many beloveds are not able to be in physical presence in this vortex, we have been guided to open up the vortex across time and space to allow anyone who desires, to participate in this vortex online with us!

Get Ready to Manifest

You will be guided through Breath Flow, Energetic Architecture, Quantum Flow and many other potent tools in order for you to tap into the personal and planetary updates that are available at this time. Allowing us all to stand in greater service to humanity.

Can’t make it to the live stream?

Don’t worry, the session will be recorded and you get to keep the recording for life!
We look forward to having you join us!

Regan & JuanPa


We have entered an intensely transformative time since December 21.

The Plasma Light is streaming to us, encoded with everything you need to unveil your full potential. Join us in our 3 Day Immersion where we activate your deepest crystalline potential, elevate to your highest frequency and embody your cosmic plasma light!