Heartbreak ….

is one of the hardest aspects of the human condition a person can experience. Whether it is a relationship breakdown, loss of a loved one or exposure to betrayal or hurt. It feels as though the world has come crashing down and that through the feelings of hurt, loss or betrayal, that somehow the world will never be the same again. Something inexorably within us feels to have been changed. 

Grateful for Heartbreak?

This seems crazy. Grateful for heartbreak? Grateful for disappointment? Broken dreams? Yes, indeed, with experiencing heartbreak, we are changed. In the time of the incident and the period after, within the chaos, within the tumult of emotions and the grieving process, it seems impossible, at that time, that we could ever look back on this period of our lives and be grateful for what has happened to us. It seems like too big a hurdle at the time, but as you progress through the grief stages, if you open up to healing, then the gratitude can flow.

Grateful for the roller coaster and the range of emotions. Grateful for the learning. Grateful for the magnitude and intensity of the emotions that we feel. The full gamut of human emotions. And, yes, the depth and the intensity of the learnings and understandings of ourselves.

To Feel is Human

If one does not feel, if one is indifferent to the pain and suffering of one’s self and of others, then, there is no room for growth and understanding. 

Allow yourself to cry, grieve, rail against the storm and then emerge renewed, refreshed and, most importantly…….wiser. Move from the ‘I will NEVER trust again’….to, I will be aware, feel the pain and move forward…knowing what I now know. How to spot the pitfalls, how to spot the traps and how to know how to be myself and to have strength and faith in myself.

Open Up the Space.

Once you have allowed yourself to hurt, allowed yourself to unashamedly cry, then step into the healing process. Allow yourself some time. Open yourself up to connect with yourself and by doing this, you allow yourself to reconnect with others and open up room for love to re-enter. Knowing that you will be stronger and wiser and remarkably, when you emerge as this stronger, wiser human being, you are never at your most attractive to other people, than in this incarnation of yourself.

So Be Grateful…

For the broken hearts. In all heartbreak, loss and grief, there is the lesson of love. The knowledge that you are not alone with your pain, that to love is human and real and there is love out there for you.

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And remember…

You Absolutely Can Have it all

and you can give back as well.

Regan x