It’s The Small Things That Count…

We are often told that, to get ahead, to achieve our dreams and get that glittering prize, we must take massive action all the time.

And, whilst this is potentially true,that aligned massive, specific and targeted action is beneficial to your end aims and goals, the realisation of your ‘Big Picture’, it doesn’t necessarily have to be all the time.

Because, taking massive, huge life-determining action all the time, is exhausting. Imagine waking up each and every day and plotting the next colossal onslaught on your life? Completely debilitating. 

You actually don’t have to do this, each and every day. 

Because, there is also joy and fulfillment in the ‘small things’.

By the small things, I mean the minor aspects of your life that are not necessarily directed towards manifesting millions or focussed on your personal version of world domination.

Don’t get me wrong though, there is a place and a time for massive aligned action but not always at the expense of the small, humanising things that make up anybody’s usual day.

In today’s fast-paced world where technology morfs constantly and the speed of change and the general speed of how we live our lives is fast and furious, it can often mean that we overlook the small humanising things that offer us daily chances to stop, reflect and take stock.

It’s the daily opportunities for ‘humanisation’ that you choose to either take or not take.

The casual, pleasant exchange with a total stranger, the smile, the patience when waiting in a queue that is ‘caused’ by someone who isn’t as competent with technology as you are….

Did you know that in the Netherlands there is a supermarket brand that has introduced a ‘Chat Checkout’? It’s for people, often the elderly, who want to complete their shop with a pleasant conversation with the operator. 

Why did the provider recognise this as a necessary adjunct to their ‘brand’? Because they saw that for some of their customers, the chat with the operator was the only human contact that the customer had, often for days. They perceived loneliness in their clients.

Think about it, every action we take today… 

When we go online to book a service, complete some banking, fill in a form, is mostly done online and involves no human contact at all. For some of us, this is a blessing, it’s quick, efficient and gets you to the end result, so that you can move on getting your chores done and to the next task of simply living in today’s world.

For others, it represents more and more de-humanisation. They don’t know the teller at the bank any more (as there is no actual bank), the operators at the supermarket are trained to be the utmost in efficiency and process them as quickly as possible, or, there is the self-checkout to battle with, gas stations are self-service, there are vending machines in offices and institutions, parking is automated. How many times have you heard the wail “I can’t speak to a human!”?

So what you can do..

…is recognise that a smile and a small human exchange goes a long way. Maybe some assistance, if required. It doesn’t have to be a ‘life altering’ interchange, just simply a few words, well delivered, accompanied by a pleasant, unrushed attitude. Instead of huffing and puffing at people who are not as efficient as yourself, relax, breathe and smile.

And, in your own life, it’s those small things that you commit to daily, the sorts of things that I mentioned above, those things that you layer up and layer up, the things that you do inside your own life that really, really make the difference.

It’s the small things, and the end of that old proverb is, that count and go a long way.

I love you!

And remember…

You Absolutely Can Have It All

Regan x


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