How to Dream your Visions Awake

Looking to create your ideal reality In the way that it is most important for you?

It’s not just about dreaming your ideal reality, it’s not just visualizing it, meditating on it, thinking positive about it…and then it will all show up….and it will come knocking on your door, looking for you….No, it’s not about all of that, and it doesn’t happen like that.

It is some of those or all of those things….EXCEPT…there is a little bit of MAGIC that happens in the middle of all of those things……

My reality is that I used to dream about having financial and intellectual freedom.

I dreamed that I could go anywhere in the world that I desired….I dreamed that I would attract the relationship partner that I visualized…I dreamed that I would have the clients and the soulmate tribe that I envisaged…..and that I would live life on my terms, in my reality.

I dreamed my vision of this life…awake.

And now, this vision is my reality. So you are asking, “how does this work? How does this show up? How do you practically DO this?”

It’s not about hope or prayer…It’s about the science around this. Let’s look at it.

We are born manifesters.

Yes we are. Manifestation is our natural state, its primeval. If humans allow themselves to manifest, it’s a natural state that they can do really, really well. It’s a unique ability to transport a thought from something that is hanging out in your head, in your mind, in your dream space into the now.

How many times as children were we told to stop daydreaming and to focus? Until that ability to really manifest and dream was taken from us. If we give ourselves permission to dream and manifest

We have the ability to pull our dreams into the here and now, into the 3-D tangible world of our reality.

Then, you start asking yourself the bigger questions….“What is my ideal reality? What does that look like? What do I really want? Why am I here? What is my purpose? What would my life look like if I had it all on my terms, laid at my feet, right now?” Endless possibilities.

Then, you start really connecting with it. You start feeling it. You start bringing attention into it. You start getting into the vibration of it. Then, you get into this place. You get into the dream state, the manifestation place, where you are connecting with it so deeply that for a minute or two you are unsure whether it is a dream or a reality.

Dive deeper into dreaming, give yourself permission to dream and to linger in the dreams.

Then you will connect on an emotional, vibrational level. From this place you fall into step with the dream, so that you start embodying it, start emotionally connecting with it so deeply that you start living it.

Don’t be deflected by the people around you who try to pull you back from your dream state…don’t let then tarnish your vision….then, one day, you’ll be somewhere, look at your life and say….”You know what? I dreamed this. This was my dream and now it’s my reality.” That’s the power of the manifestation and vibration.

That’s the MAGIC. It becomes easy.

You are connected to your physical, 3-D life and reality, and simultaneously you have been in this higher vibration of the dream state.

Just as connected. Just as focussed….

Try it. Sit in your physical reality and from this place, put yourself somewhere else. Into your dream state so deeply that you aren’t sure what is your reality. Dream your visions awake…and into your NOW.


And remember…

You Absolutely Can Have it all

Regan x