How much money do you need? What you want?

You see, I have found, on my journey to building a multi-seven figure business, that the people I talk to, the clients that I coach, even random people who attend some of my bigger events, seldom quantify how much money they want to create.

Usually, when I ask them, they respond with ‘Lots and lots…” 

Sometimes they respond with “I want to be financially free…”

But, what does that actually mean? How much money is that?

Usually, they say that they don’t know, but that they will know it when they get there. And sometimes, they even pluck a number from the sky and most usually, it is $1 million dollars.

Actually, That’s Not Good Enough.

Because, if you are not emotionally connected to the amount of money that you want, then it will never show up. And, if you don’t have a really, really good reason for manifesting a specific amount of money, then it will stubbornly refuse to show up.

Why Is This?

If you ask a super successful person who is doing 7 figures or beyond and say “Why did you do it?” They will never respond, “Oh gee, I just picked a number and thought it would be fun…”

No, never, never. Nor do they say, “I just stumbled into it and got lucky…” No, no , no. That just doesn’t happen.

So, Ask Yourself….

Why do you want a specific amount of money? What is its purpose? What is the dream directly connected to this amount of money? 

Will this money allow you to travel to a specific destination? Will this money allow you to quit your 9 – 5 job? Will this money allow you to support your family in a particular way? Will this money change your particular set of circumstances?

Then, you actually quantify and put an actual amount of money on your goal. Actually add it up. What do you need?

Then You Have An Aligned Figure…

You have an amount of money that is actually attached to your vision, to your goals, to your desires. It is an aligned figure that sits with what you are looking to call in.

And, Here Is Where I See People Stuff It Up…

When it comes to money.

They focus too much on the money. The ‘money’ vision gets in the way of the ‘actual’ vision, the goal and the raison d’etre…..the reason for that money.

And, in the excitement, everything goes out the window….their family, their health, their relationships…..

You see, I have seen a lot of people manifest the money that they want…but at huge personal cost. And, there is no fun in that!

You’ve seen the scenarios and you think ‘Gosh, they have everything….what went wrong?’

Those people have been corrupted by the money, it becomes all consuming, they rate others by their achievement levels and they compare….they sabotage their pure relationships, often with close family and friends. They lose sight of ‘the why’, they have lost their ‘intention’.

So, By All Means, Get Clear….

With what you are calling in, but do it in an intentional, holistic way, keep this uppermost in your mind as you call in your vision for this particular amount of money.

And remember…


…and you can give back as well.

Regan x


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