Resistance in Your Life?

What are you putting off…?

Have you ever asked yourself this question? What are you putting off? You know, that ‘thing’ that you are resisting doing…in the faint hope that it will ‘go away’…? What are you shoving to one side…that you know you should action? 

Why the resistance? 

We all suffer from resistance…..bluntly put, procrastination and I challenge you to ask yourself…firstly…”Does this serve me?” If it’s something that doesn’t, don’t do it. Swap it out for something else. If it is out of alignment with your message, don’t do it… 

Does This Serve Me?

But, if it does serve you and you know that it is in alignment…and that you are simply procrastinating…..Then, there is only one thing for it……GET CRACKING AND GO AND DO IT!  

In The Achievement Zone

Be honest with yourself, take action on it, step up and start doing it so that, as you progress, you’ll have some clarity. And, I promise you that once you are in the zone of actually progressing through getting it done, then this is the time, the period, the golden moment, when your breakthroughs happen. 

Satisfaction Guaranteed…

That is when you feel filled up, that is when you feel satisfied and awesome. That’s also when you go “Okay…I remember why I actually wanted to do this in the first place!” 

So I hope that this makes sense and I just wanted to share this concept, because it has showed up for me recently. Yes, none of us are immune to procrastination and the feeling that we just can’t get started, or we don’t have the ‘right’ visualisation around a task, or the right moment to commence……the advice is… 

Make the moment. Create the right ambience…by just getting started.

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And remember…

You Absolutely Can Have it all

and you can give back as well.

Regan x