I didn’t start out on this life journey to build a multi-seven figure business…I never thought actively that I wanted to be a public figure, make millions, build a global empire and travel the world impacting hundreds of thousands of people….no…..

I Just Wanted A Life That I Loved!

The original path that I was following didn’t add up to me manifesting millions, it definitely didn’t add up to me standing on a stage in front of people talking and sharing my journey.

However, I made a decision that I was going to figure out how I could create a life for myself that I actually loved.

I Wasn’t Living Into My Purpose…

I was a broke student….and I definitely wasn’t living the life that I loved…..I was living into everyone’s else’s expectations….and then I had it, this moment of clarity that I listened intently to….you see….I wasn’t clear on what it was I wanted.

I wasn’t clear on my purpose, I wasn’t clear on the money I wanted, I wasn’t clear on the lifestyle I wanted…I was drifting through, hoping that good things would simply ‘happen’ to me…I just wanted more and different….but I didn’t actually know WHAT that more or different looked like.

So…What Does More and Different Look and Feel Like?

You see…if you are not clear on your vision, what it actually is that you want and where you are actually going…..then you will continue to struggle and feel that whatever happens to you is just luck…some good…some bad. But, you will endlessly tread water.

If you have clarity around your vision, then you know your purpose, your intent and your quantity. Ask yourself…..”What does that vision actually look like? Actually how much is financial freedom, right to the last cent?” What does that actually mean to you and what does that feel like?

How does the million dollar version of you walk? How does the million dollar version of you talk? Who does the million dollar version of you associate with? How does the million dollar version of you choose to wake up in the morning? What does this million dollar version of you say “Yes” to? And what does it say “No” to?

Are you tolerating scarcity in your life? 

You see, you can’t be in contraction and expansion at the same time. You need to choose.

Where are you playing? Where are you at? Are you living in scarcity? The millionaire version of me was created in the details of my life…..when I refused to tolerate scarcity in my life…anymore.

The creation is in the details. It’s what you choose. 

Start thinking…..where can you choose abundant details right now in your life?


And remember…

You Absolutely Can Have it all

and you can give back as well.

Regan x