Love, It’s My Birthday!

Here’s My Secret Wish For You . . .


Whether you’ve listened to my activations before or are just listening for the first time… you will experience an energetic download that shifts you into a new, golden cycle of your life…

Simply listen with an open heart & mind…

Welcome Love,

Did you know October 12th is my birthday?

I’ll be reveling in the spa treatment at an amazing hotel in beautiful, blue Bali. (One of my favorite places to shift, transform, and rise!)

Perhaps you’ll join me virtually for a celebratory lime daiquiri. 😉

I restart every year by entering into a deep process of resetting into the next cycle through an energetic “channelled activation”.


These Activations Have Helped Me . . .

Manifest my first $1,000,000 dollar year
Manifest my first $1,000,000 dollar MONTH
Call in my DREAM relationship
Shift my body into higher health and energy
And get clarity on my purpose after conquering what seemed like giants!

” It's beyond the mind

…The most potent energetic activation I know of right now. It’s beyond the mind. An entire year of personal development in under thirty minutes.”

-Jason Caniff

Do You Know What?

This activation is NOT training for your mind – it works at a subconscious level.

(You don’t need any special equipment… Just be still in a quiet space.)

I record a NEW activation every year for my birthday…

And for the first time ever, I’m called to share this incredibly personal activation tool with YOU!
Now YOU and I can accelerate in life together!

I Invite You To Use This Same Activation On YOUR Birthday… Or At The Start Of A New Month… Or Any Momentous Occasion!

An activation is very personal… Another person may even feel vulnerable.

I’ve never shared an activation like this until now! And this may be the only time.

Changing Lives

in under 30 minutes…

I’ve been blessed to align with people who were open to listening before I uploaded it. Here’s their incredible experience!. . .

” Sooo profound!

WOW!! After listening to the activation, I woke up with such clarity and a deeper connection to my Soul, my higher self, the next version of me, my purpose. Sooo profound!! Thank you.”

-Nikohl Katene

“Words cannot describe!

Oh my Goddess, Regan! Thank you from my heart for this powerful activation. I could feel my body twitching as dense energies were lifted out of my field and at the same time new codes of the highest light downloaded into my DNA. I loved how the rewiring took place and reorganized my vessel to these new upgrades.

A complete sense of peace, expansion in my light body and total clarity washed over me throughout the process. Words cannot describe the depth of the experience. I feel more whole and one with my Soul and feel honored to have received this precious gift.

Thank you for your Soul’s beauty! I love you so much. May your path always be filled with abundant love, magic & happiness.”

-Stephanie Charlotte Koehler

Let Me Tell You

What Makes This Activation More Than A “Normal” Meditation?

Activations channel “Light Language”

so believed to be divined from another realm or the higher self.
You likely will NOT interpret what I’m saying on a logical level. Rest assured that your subconscious is aligning with the frequency behind the words.

WARNING: You May Feel Your Body Shifting, Vibrating - Even Shaking!

Or you may feel nothing. Everyone responds to the activation in their own perfect way.

You Can Use It To Impact More Lives From A Place Of Highest Alignment!

If that’s what your inner leader is called to do. You can be at peace knowing that you live forever in the hearts and minds of those you touch in 2020.

You May Start Manifesting Small Wins . . . Then HUGE Wins Over Time!

Don’t judge yourself by any time table. You will manifest every good thing in the universe’s divine timing.

Any Internal Strife Is Totally BANISHED!

We don’t merely align with new frequencies. Anything that’s been holding you back subconsciously is dropped out PERMANENTLY.

You Will Retain Only Good Things From The Previous Cycle!

Compounded by the gifts you will receive this cycle.

You Will Enter The New Cycle With Ease & Stability!

You won’t be alarmed when your external reality begins to reflect your internal reality.

You Will Transcend Your Humanness

by activating dormant strands of DNA. Most people never tap into their bodies full potential. You will shift into a superhuman being!

You Will Absorb Critical Wisdom

Imparted by the Universe to complete your life’s divine calling.

You Can’t Help But Approach This New Cycle With Gratitude

and a rejuvenated spirit.

” Truly Incredible

Thank you for this activation. It gave me presence and access to my highest self and clarity of my divine mission.”

-Dean Grafos

and now

I’ll Answer Your Burning Questions

“What if this doesn’t work for me?”

This activation only fails if you refuse to embrace it with an open mind. You need only be available and willing to receive the activation.

“Are there instructions?”

Yes, Love, Regan’s got you! I’ve filmed a 4 minute and 26 second video that walks you through the activation.

“Can I listen to it anywhere?”

Yes! So long as it is a quiet, safe environment.

“How often should I listen to it?”

As often as you’d like until you’ve reached a place of contentment! You can’t overdo it.

“What is the audio file format?”

The sound activation will be available to you in an a mp3 format when you purchase. (We email you a copy too! Contact our marvelous and fast support team if you lose it.)

“I’m nervous. This is the first time I’ve used an activation . . .”

It’s a powerful process yet a safe one that’s fun and easy! You just get to listen, relax, and be open to the activation working. You may feel completely different right away. You may feel nothing… It depends on each person.

” Totally blown away

I feel so deeply connected with purpose in this vortex. Embodying very powerful DNA upgrades, at the same time the dissection of energies and integration of new ones! .”

-Sandeip Agarrwal

Remember Love,

The specific activation is all about closing out the last cycle you were in and bringing forward the highest version of you so that you can embody a higher frequency and manifest more of what you desire faster! 🙂


You Absolutely CAN Have It All!