Get That Book Published…

You have your manuscript or germ of a gem idea for a non-fiction, fiction, children’s book,  your journey or‘ How To’ book….

And then there is the matter of that nagging doubt. “Is my book any good? Will anyone actually be interested enough in my personal journey and insights to buy and read it?”

And, where to now?


Remember, you are the expert in your field. You have had the journey, you know your subject matter and your audience and you know what needs to be shared and what will be of interest for the reader. 

However, now that you have the bones of your ‘story’ mapped out and can see your theme and concepts, how do you bring it all together? And more importantly…

How do you get your book published?

Actually, contrary to popular belief, there are only four essential steps from first draft manuscript to finished, fit for listing, marketed and selling book. Only four steps, however I have to add that they are crucial to the success of your book.

Welcome to the one-stop shop that is….. Have It All Publishing. 

You see, I have written and published five books and am in the process of writing another one and I have been through all of the methods and pitfalls of getting my books published. However, I can attest to the fact that when my books have been listed, they have sold well and been hugely helpful in building my brand and growing my follower base.

Because I have had to learn the hard way how to write, format, publish and market a best-seller and the journey has been sometimes rocky and not especially cost-effective, I have set up Have It All Publishing.

So why would you use the services of an experienced publishing house when there are so many online ‘do it yourself’ options for less investment? Because… 

It is worth it….

There are a number of self-publishing websites and ‘do it yourself’ methods, to get a book into the public arena. But, to be brutally honest, the products that you receive from this method are most usually grammatically and tense error-ridden and lacking in an appealing cover design or attractive internal design format. They scream “amateur publisher” and therefore lack some cred in the marketplace and with your potential readership.

Plus, you will be left with self-marketing a large number of copies of your book, as these print runs usually demand higher production numbers for cost-effectiveness. This is a difficult and often futile road to embark upon. If you are an expert editing copy reviewer and hotshot print marketer, then proceed. If not, then this is an area best left to the publishing experts. 

At Have It All Publishing, you will be provided with an expert that I call your ‘book-birth partner’.  This Have It All ‘angel’ will step you through all of the processes and procedures that you need to move through to get your manuscript published.


Editing and proofing, formatting and cover design, Amazon publishing and the professional tools for launching your book. We guide you through every step of giving birth to your book, to get your message out there!

Plus, if you have the germ of an idea for a book and don’t know where to start to put a coherent manuscript together, the Have It All Publishing can assist you in this area as well.

Our aim is to ensure…

…that your best-selling book sees the light of day, at Have It All Publishing, we specialize in helping leaders just like you get your book out there with ease and grace, ensuring both the book and launch have the incredible impact you deserve.

And remember…


With Have It All Publishing

Regan x