Beloved Soul,

Are You ready?

The month of March is the month of accelerated field expansion.

In February, we saw a rapid acceleration of energies through our physical bodies, with the crystalline body template coming online and deep physical integration was required by all.

In March, we are seeing a very similar influx of energies yet this time it is our energetic field that is required to update and expand, in order to hold even more of the information that is looking to be anchored through us right now.

On March 13th, we drop into the new moon energy, which provides the perfect energetic set up for us to go into deep activation on the 14th of March.


Join Us Familia,


During this new moon energy, communication to other realms and guides will become even stronger and even more direct. During the Field Expansion Ceremony we will be assisting you in initiating useful contact to divine beings of light who are looking to come through and guide you in this human experience.

Traditionally, March is always the most cosmically active month of our year when it comes to cosmic and solar activity. Already this month we have seen an acceleration in geomagnetic storms and solar winds have been at an all time high.

It is critical that everyone is working personally on the expansion of their fields whilst also clearing out any interference that may be appearing in the field due to this heightened solar activity.

We will be assisting you in this ceremony to cleanse and purify your field, allowing you to access the gifts from this heightened solar and cosmic activity, instead of being affected by the intensity of it.

If 2021 has been feeling like a year in itself already for you, that’s because it literally has been. Time, as we know it here, has been drastically altered, speeding up more and more over the last few months. We will be working directly with the imprints of time during the Field Expansion Ceremony to help you ride out this time acceleration that is only going to continue to get faster, with ease and grace.

If March was to have a theme word, the word would be: Desire.

Not desire in an unhealthy way that many humans have imprinted upon that word, but desire in the sense of a human emotion used to realign you to living from your soul. We will be activating how to really listen and act upon these soul nudges. We see a huge energy wave entering into the field creating an influx of soul desire that begins on the 14th of March. From the 14th, it is critical that you are getting clarity on the next level of your soul’s desires, not from your mind, but directly from source, to allow a greater embodiment of your soul’s truth to be anchored into this human experience.

In order to become a crystalline embodiment of our highest soul’s desires, we naturally must release any old beliefs, patters, fears and vibrations in order to open up and create space for the embodiment of these desires. We will be assisting you in updating the geometries within your field to sync and recalibrate through this update that will be taking place, allowing you to access your soul’s desires with greater ease, grace and flow.

Dear One,

As we go deeper into these updates together in the ceremony, we will be creating a powerful vortex to ground and stabilise all of these shifts that will be taking place through each of us.

As many beloveds are not able to be in physical presence in this vortex here in Costa Rica, we have been guided to open up the vortex across time and space to allow anyone who desires, to participate in this vortex online with us!


Here's what others say about our ceremonies:

Get Ready to Manifest

You will be guided through Breath Flow, Energetic Architecture, Quantum Flow and many other potent tools in order for you to tap into the personal and planetary updates that are available at this time. Allowing us all to stand in greater service to humanity.


Regan & JuanPa


We have entered an intensely transformative time since December 21.

The Plasma Light is streaming to us, encoded with everything you need to unveil your full potential. Join us in our 3 Day Immersion where we activate your deepest crystalline potential, elevate to your highest frequency and embody your cosmic plasma light!