When we become overwhelmed, whether it is with anxiety or fear of not knowing what is going to happen in the future, we do everything to push this anxiety away.

We tend to run as fast as we can in the opposite direction…

in the hope that we can either outrun the fear…or run diametrically the other way to avoid what we are afraid of. In the hope that if you run fast enough, if you ignore fear, then you will avoid dealing with it.

And, you know, this fear can be in our personal lives, our careers, our family lives or something as simple as an up and coming event, that we would rather not attend. 

Fears and anxieties can be as small as the above example or a big as a monumental life event. 

If we ignore fear, if we run from it, we are doing ourselves a disservice…

because, you see, fear is instilled in us for a reason.

Fear is primeval, and by that I mean, it is ancient. And, it is inside you for a reason. It unlocks a part within ourselves that is waiting to be acknowledged. Fear is only negative if you perceive it that way.

So what if you choose to perceive fear with positivity? 

Yes, choose, when you feel fear, to think ‘Oh ha, here’s my old friend that I know well…what are you trying to tell me this time?’

Here is the opportunity to look at fear as an opening rather than perceiving it as something that

has the power to close you off.

Fear is trying to communicate with you. 

It is sending you an internal message from your emotions to your mind. Should you continue running from the feeling, you will never receive the message that your primeval fear response is trying to communicate to you.

The next time you feel deeply anxious, and fear is threatening to overcome you and your instinct is to run away…then stop. Stay and still yourself. Calm your breathing and your thoughts. Sit and be present with your calmed (not panicky) thoughts.

Now, analyze these thoughts, and ask yourself, “What is fear trying to communicate to me?”

Write out what the fears are and analyze and explore what they are trying to teach you. Take on each part of the fear, break it down and split it into parts and tackle them head on. 

Rebuff your fears…

tell the fears that you are in control of these things and that you appreciate the internal reminders to keep you safe, but that you have things under control. Also, that you have thought of all of the options and have decided to push forward on the path that you believe in.

This is the key to growth within ourselves, our relationships and our businesses.

Fear is inevitable…

It is a part of your humanity. And instead of running or trying to suppress fear you need to confront it and learn to engage with it to hear what it has to teach you, warn you about, and help you to step into the highest version of yourself.


And remember…

You Absolutely Can Have it all

Regan x