Embodiment Acceleration Ceremony

Live from COSTA RICA!

Beloved Soul,

Are You ready?

On the 21st of February 2021, our moon will be in the exact centre of the winter circle, being surrounded by 6 powerful stars. This will mean that we have a beautiful influx of light flooding through.

Through February, we have had so much information coming into the planet through the plasma light waves, that for many of us, our physical bodies have been required to massively upgrade, in order to house all of this information.

We saw this deep process of embodiment start at the very beginning of February and it will continue to accelerate and get more and more intense, right up until the 21st of February.

We enter into the new phase called, The Embodiment Acceleration Phase.


Join Us Familia,


This ceremony will support you in stabilising and activating through this Embodiment Acceleration Phase, allowing you to not just anchor all of the upgrades into place, but also to tap into the bliss of truly living in an empowered body.

We did choose to come here to experience a fully embodied human experience in a human body after all, so we may as well make the most of it and find the bliss in the process!

As we dive deep into the Embodiment Acceleration Phase in the ceremony, we will also be assisting you in anchoring in the higher frequencies of light, so that you are able to access all of the information available to you at this time, receiving the codes that will also then be available.

Together, we will be clearing out anything through your physical body that’s stuck and slowing down the Embodiment Acceleration that is looking to take place, working deeply through all layers of your being, but especially at a cellular level, in order to reconstruct what is looking to shift at this micro level.

Dear One,

We will be doing this by working through the mitochondria and also re syncing the brain and the nervous system pathways, so that information can be integrated and flow freely, with ease and grace.

We have been guided to open up the vortex across time and space to allow anyone who desires to participate in this vortex online with us!


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Get Ready to Manifest

You will be guided through Breath Flow, Energetic Architecture, Quantum Flow and many other potent tools in order for you to tap into the personal and planetary updates that are available at this time. Allowing us all to stand in greater service to humanity.


Regan & JuanPa


We have entered an intensely transformative time since December 21.

The Plasma Light is streaming to us, encoded with everything you need to unveil your full potential. Join us in our 3 Day Immersion where we activate your deepest crystalline potential, elevate to your highest frequency and embody your cosmic plasma light!