Choose Your Words Wisely

Talk is cheap, we hear people say…and there is certainly a lot of talk in the world. It fills the atmosphere, clogs the airwaves and is everywhere we turn….

We drop our words carelessly everywhere and everyone seems to have an opinion about every issue and occurrence. Often, we express our opinion without stopping to think of the effect that this can have on others around us.

Have you ever stopped and thought of the effect that your words can have on another person? 

Our words are our gift. 

Of all of the other sentient beings, only we humans have the depth and the range of language to convey nuance and emotion and have the ability to record the connotation and the denotation of our words.

It’s how we use this gift that is the most powerful and impactful thing that we possess.

When we use our words to judge others, criticise others, try to bring them down, hurt…or undermine them, we are mis-using this incredible gift.

We can all remember instances of powerful, negative words used against us, used to make us feel bad, feel shame and feel that we are powerless. Occasions in the classroom, the home, friendship circles, the workplace that made us feel inadequacy, shame and hurt. Examples of unjust treatment and the loss of a friendship when loyalty was either expected and not received, or given and not valued. Often, it is the effect of these words that linger with us into adulthood, define our view of the world and form our opinions of others who present differently, live differently and who are different. 

Words can inspire whole communities…

….motivate entire movements and bring light and  understanding to united bodies of people. 

But….when we use our words for criticism, hatred, judgement and deliberate negative outcomes…we abuse and mis-use this powerful gift. 

The way you speak, the words that you use and the messages you send are a total reflection of you and your feelings about yourself. If you speak this insecurity to another person, it is because you are struggling with these concepts within yourself. You see, if you need to bring another person down, hurt them or shame them, this is an indication of how much you want to feel superior to that person and how you wish yourself to be perceived. Perceived as Top Dog, as a powerful and loftier person….

Remember, your words are precious…

With your words you have the power to impact people, to inspire people and to motivate people. You can use your voice for change, to represent downtrodden minorities and to bring people together. And, even at a more niche level, that of your direct community, your friendship circle and your working society you have the power to influence friendships, clique cultures and neighbourhood relations.     


You have the power

..with your carefully chosen words to create change, bring people together and spread kindness and love.

What words are you choosing? Words of inspiration? Words of support? Words of love?

And remember…

You Absolutely Can Have It All! 

Regan x


  1. William Hensel

    Thank you very much This definitely puts things in a different perspective for me

    • rhsupport

      Wonderful, glad this helped you x

  2. Kanika Jain

    You always marvel me with your words beloved Regan. This was beautiful and super duper wise and deep. Thank you 🙏🏻🤗
    Words has unfathomable power to shift and transform for the worst and for the best! I choose the best always and wish everyone else does as well. High vibrations would swirl through mama earth so instantly if we did so🌟
    Sending you all my love ❤️

    • rhsupport

      Glad you liked it. Sending you love as well..


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