Calling In Your Cult Tribe Who Love You

If you don’t adore your clients,
We have a problem. . .

If you feel drained after working with your clients,
We have a problem.

If you find you are dealing with people who drag you down energetically,
We have a problem.

And guess what?
It’s not them – It’s YOU!

Nothing matters if you’re not calling in your ideal tribe.

Your work doesn’t matter, your offers don’t matter, the money you make doesn’t matter.
Because seriously, why would you want to put all of that time and effort in if you are not working with people who you adore (and of course who adore you back!).

Trust me when I say, there’s a better way than slogging it out with people who you don’t enjoy working with!

My clients are my ideal clients.
They’re literally soul-mate clients,
And I adore working with each and every one of them.
(You know who you are!)

Now, that hasn’t happened by chance,
And it hasn’t always been that way.

If you are ready to attract your soul clients and call in a tribe who love you,
Then it really is up to YOU!

Here’s what you need to do:

1. Get absolutely crystal clear on exactly the type of people you want to be working with.

And I don’t mean niches.
Screw niches.
Screw demographics.
Screw their height, while we’re there!

I mean, who are these people at their core?
What drives them?
What makes them tick?
What are their fears?
Their dreams?
Their goals?
Their secret desires?
What keeps them awake at night staring at the ceiling?

Get clear on THAT.
Details, details, details!

And remember, this is not writing out what your tribe SHOULD be or what it CURRENTLY is, it is writing out the IDEAL soul mate tribe that you desire!!

2. Understand the problems and challenges of this tribe.

You get paid in proportion to the transformational problems that you help people solve.
If you’re not aware of what problems your tribe is dealing with, then we have a challenge on our hands!

Get super clear on this.
What problems does your tribe have?
What are their challenges?
What are their deeper unspoken challenges and problems?
Where do they aspire to be?
What bugs them?
What REALLY bugs them?

Go deep on this, and then go deeper again — you need it to nail the next step!

3. Call them in baby, DAILY!

Here’s the thing — you probably now have a pretty little notepad full of notes about your ideal tribe,
Or maybe a word doc with an extensive list of elements.
And what you need to know is this:
That list is COMPLETELY useless until you actually take action on it!

It’s time to call in your ideal tribe baby.
Show up.
Show up and share your true message with the world,
And daily, mean DAILY. Not every second or third kind of daily.

When sharing your message, you need to speak firstly to everything in step one.
You need to speak directly to their core emotional elements, and when you do this, they will feel so drawn to you, like you are literally in their head!

Secondly, whilst sharing your message, you then want to speak directly to their problems.
Speak about them.
Out them.
Voice them.
Go places where others won’t.
Be raw.
Be real.

The whole time, showing them indirectly, that YOU are the one who can help solve their problems or put them on the path to where they desire to be!

Then call them in baby, call them in.

Your ideal soul mate, the cult tribe, is waiting for you right now!
But it’s up to you.
Call them in!

And remember…

You Absolutely Can Have it all

Regan x


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