Calling in Large amounts of Money with Ease, Grace and Flow…

What if it was easier to attract large amounts of money into your life. . .than smaller amounts?

You’d take that option…right?

Many people, clients and others that I talk with regularly, think that they should scale up gradually, calling in amounts of money in incremental lumps…month by month to build to greater heights.

They understand what it takes to do the energetic inner work. However, they don’t understand one other crucial fact.

Actually, it takes the same energetic work to call in $1,000 as it does to call in $100,000…it’s not as though it takes ten times more energetic work to call in more!

What if it was easier? What if I could teach you how to start tapping in, to calling in greater and greater amounts from a place of ease, grace and flow….and in fact even super flow?

Sometimes it can even be easier to manifest a large amount of money versus a small amount of money.

You see, money is just a vibration, it’s just energy. Money pulsates. There is a give and receive with it, it’s alive and it has vitality. Money doesn’t sit and stand still. If we try and keep it in standstill and limit it…we limit the inflow.

If we manifest at a greater level, then there may be a bigger outflow and the money vibration stabilises. Don’t attempt to control the natural vibration. Outflow is not bad. It needs to happen. It’s like yin and yang.

When we talk about abundance, we are talking about expansion, greater levels of impact. Talking about knowing that there is always enough and talking about leaning into the next level.

Have fun with money, trust it, enjoy it. If you limit it and fear scarcity, then you are manifesting and talking about limiting behaviours. If you think thoughts like…“It’s impossible to manifest that much,” the fears and self doubts kick in.


Your field cannot be in expansion and contraction at the same time. Over the next 24 hours, your aim is to be in expansion. Have a self-check, where are you at now? You need to be in a state of abundance. Tip the scales and align with abundance.

It’s really simple! You often just need a micro shift. Often it’s just a small little tweak.

Tune in to where you are going with calling in large amounts of money. And get totally clear…what does this look like, in an aligned way?

Ask yourself, where are you at in terms of your bigger picture money goals? It’s really important to remember that it won’t work unless it’s in alignment. You need to evaluate it and reset your aligned amount.

Tune in to 12 months out from now…..what do you desire? What do you want to do? What are you going to invest in? How much do you want to have saved? Basically, tune in to what your twelve month money goals are.

You have to give yourself permission to look specifically at all areas of your life and genuinely work out what your money goals are. Write it down. Get real life numbers and total them up. It’s YOUR unique, big money picture.

This won’t work if you are not aligned or are in denial of your needs and desires. You need to ask for the truth. And get the message from your soul’s deepest desires.

It is critical to do this from a place that is really raw, real and aligned to your big picture money goal. If you look at the easy vibrational jump in your field and think that it is realistic…then remember……it is equally as easy to shift the pinpoint and attain a bigger money goal. It doesn’t take any more time or work…just a strategy from an aligned, real, raw place.

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And remember…

You Absolutely Can Have it all

and you can give back as well.