Be Your Brand

Develop, Launch & Accelerate Your Personal Brand

Be Your Brand

Develop, Launch & Accelerate Your Personal Brand

Join Regan's powerful team in a 3-day branding intensive

Are You Ready to unleash your powerful message and brand that enables you to achieve extensive personal and financial abundance?

The Be Your Brand Academy has launched, accelerated and inspired successful brands around the world. This 3-day intensive will give you an all-encompassing approach to building and launching a successful personal brand.


Unlock your true message, get clear on your vision and attract your ideal tribe.


The full system to ensuring that your brand is in profit before you launch!


Accelerate your results through leveraged systems increasing profits and minimizing time.

” I’ve never felt so excited and aligned with my business and future vision…

Attending the Be Your Brand Academy event was by far one of the best decisions I’ve made for myself and my business. I already run a successful coaching and mentoring business, however I was looking to find more clarity. Not only did I gain clarity about the next steps, I also removed blocks and limitations almost instantly, thanks to Regan and her team. The conversation I had with Regan at the Platinum dinner will always be the day my life changed forever. 

-Stacey Sargison Founder of Stacey Sargison Coaching & Mentoring

Get Results!

With Hands-On Sessions

Together we will gather everything YOU need to grow and implement your brand.

Here’s what we dig into:

Developing Brand Clarity

The Expert Mindset – How to Step into Your Role as an Expert

Building a Tribe Following

Growing Your List (and Loving On Them)

E-commerce Essentials – How to Easily Set Up The Back End of your Online Business

Creating Your Own Unique Online Experience

Social Media Hacks – Understanding All Platforms, Growing and Automating Them

Content Creation – How to Develop A Content Machine that Creates With Ease

Writing and Launching Books so you Become A #1 Best Selling Author

How to go from Idea to Book Launch in Under 2 Weeks

Getting Into PROFIT BEFORE Your Brand Launches

Understanding the Launch Mindset

Designing Your Unique Launch Plans

Monetizing Your Message Daily

How to Get Seen Online

Getting into the Media – Get Featured in Mainstream media like Fox, CNN etc

How to Build and Grow a Soulmate Team, Globally

How to Scale your Products and Services with Ease

Developing a Systematic and Powerful 12 Month and Beyond Plan for Success

And much, much more!

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“This will be one of the best investments you’ll ever make in your business!!

Be Your Brand Academy is EVERYTHING to build, grow and scale an online business. I already have a successful online coaching company and was looking at taking it to the next level. It's one of the best business events I’ve ever attended (and I’ve attended A LOT) and the most soulful community. This really is all you need to get going or scale your business and FAST. Cannot recommend highly enough!

-Louise George Founder of

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What is your BIG picture vision? What do your REALLY desire? Find out how to SHOW UP with authenticity and live a life of ABUNDANCE.


Yes yes yes!!!

Be Your Brand opened my eyes to a whole new way of living, and while it’s taken inner and outer work, I am BEYOND STOKED to have a location free business that’s allowed me to create on my terms, to travel the world and to still be bringing my clients as I sit here feeding my 11 day old baby! If you’re thinking about it, DO IT! And if you’re gonna do it, GO ALL IN. You deserve it all!

Bianca Spears

You will not regret it!

For anyone sitting on the edge wondering, 
I attended BYB in Melbourne in April and I always say to people I learnt more about how to make money in those 3 days than my entire business degree and my 10 years working in corporate world as an accountant and a banker.

-Krystal Doyle

The world is never gonna be the same

There are no words that can aptly describe the vibe and transformation that we experienced @reganhillyer #BYBNewZealand … extremely grateful to our Trinity super coaches??? The divine energy, the souls connecting and the energy in motion … unlocked the greatness in each of us.

Kirshni Appanna

I'm just so grateful

Honoured to be part of this awesome group of women & so grateful to you Robyn for facilitating all our learning & growth across this wonderful weekend

Kellie Niepostyn

So amazing!

What an absolute privilege to be amongst this group of divine game changers!! You’ve been amazing Robyn and Nikohl . Regan, thank you for creating this for us all – love you so much ???

-Jacquie Amos

I will never forget this weekend

I will always look back on it as the weekend that shifted me into ?alignment, and I will never forget the beautiful people I shared it with

Jodi McFarlane

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