Are We Actually Living In An Era Of Scarcity?

So many of my clients are asking me lately how to remain in a state of abundance when it seems that all around us globally currently, there seems to be a state of contraction and scarcity.

Their concern is that they are feeling almost alone in embracing a counterculture of people who are feeling upbeat, positive and living in a state of abundance. And, that the majority of others that they meet are immersed in a state of shrinkage and sparseness.

The definition of counterculture as per the Dictionary of Sociology  is (noun) A culture within a larger culture that deliberately challenges or rejects the dominant culture’s behaviours, beliefs, lifestyle, norms, and values.

So, in a counterculture of abundance how do you manage the mainstream messages of scarcity and fear?

Let’s Take A Look…

You’ve worked hard at manifesting and calling in abundance into your life. You have done the work and you have the mindset that abundance is available for you and your lifestyle. You have rallied your soulmate tribe and done some weeding of those who do not support you and now, uncomfortably, find yourself at odds with the world. The world that is viewed through the lens of the media.

The News Is All Doom And Gloom…

All around us we are hearing and viewing the media focus on what we are currently lacking. 

They would have us believe that we are spiralling down into a dark, prolonged period of scarcity and lack. We are apparently besieged by out of control, spiralling interest rates, a recession and rampant inflation, in addition to a strangled supply chain for goods and food, a world-wide skilled worker shortage, refugee crises, climate change and race-related shootings. Then, throw in global hunger, drought-afflicted famine, political unrest and lengthy resource and territory based conflicts… name just a few of the more dire headlines. 

It is more than enough to challenge the mental health of a well-adjusted confident human being, let alone someone who is struggling with their identity, their place in society, their life path and their grapple with career satisfaction.

So, Let’s Be Real Here. 

We have been brought up to believe that the mainstream media in a liberal Western democracy is a truth-teller. And, although I do believe that a free and open press is an important component in any democracy, somewhere on the way, it would appear that the media has mostly lost the plot. In the ever-widening quest for ‘Shock! Horror!’ headlines the proliferation of news outlets constantly compete against each other for consumer eyeballs and click throughs. Somewhere along the way, in the morphing of styles and the chasing of sponsors’ products and political interference, the news streams that we are regularly viewing are distorted and designed to spread fear and scarcity. This has the effect of keeping us small, stunting our growth and not allowing us to step outside of our comfort zones. The resulting outcomes are challenges for human mental health and increasing suicide rates.

Are We Living In Scarcity?

Whilst the world in its current state is far from perfect and we do have a few issues to sort out currently that are less than ideal, but if you look rationally at where we are, we have never before in history had it so good. 

As humans, we are, on a global average, better educated than ever before, our standard of general health has never been better, the understanding of our nutritional needs is the best it has ever been and we have the tools for improved mental self well-being available and they are widely understood and implemented. Science and technology flourishes and even though this development sometimes gives us cause for the contemplation of the moral dilemmas associated with new boundaries, the ordinary person’s access to how much or how little of new technologies we choose to embrace is in their hands.

We do have the ability to feed our global population, despite what the mainstream media would have you believe, and as our world grows smaller in terms of transport convenience and availability to experience and conscientiousness raising, cultural understanding and diversity tolerance grows and flourishes. As this enlightenment grows, Imperialism is frowned upon and self determination for indigenous cultures and their heritage is flourishing.

The One Unique Aspect of Human Beings… 

…on Earth is the ability to connect and impact each other via our minds. Banding together as like-minded thought leaders, conscious business drivers and the sharing of rational thoughts, genius and ideas is paramount for keeping negativity and pessimism at bay.

I firmly believe that to keep daily intrusive messaging of fear, scarcity and limiting ideas out of your framework, refresh your daily practices and this could well mean that you tune out of hoovering up all of the news flashes that appear in your day.

And, if you haven’t clicked through and refreshed your abundance exercises, remind yourself of my 9 Steps to Your Abundant Life

Remember always, that to maintain good mental health and wellbeing, you have to consciously admit abundance into your life within the framework of always being open to receiving more and living your life with intent.

Regan x


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