9 Steps to Your Abundant Life

What do you think about money? What’s your money mindset? Manifesting millions is about freedom….it’s about changing your belief system and attitudes to money. It’s about having choices, choices that you didn’t ever think possible before.

Money is an amplifier. It will amplify your personality and your choices. How much work are you doing to condition yourself to succeed? What does it look like behind your million dollar mindset?

Here are the nine steps that I use with my private clients to assist them to manifest their million dollar lifestyle.

Step 1)  Activate Your Vision.

Be Super Clear on What You Want. Not just ‘I want to make millions.’ But actually crystal clear on exactly what it is you want, down to the last realised detail. Specific and real. Write it down.

Step 2) Become the Person.

Think how your successful self would act, how your successful self would hold yourself and what would your successful self say “yes” to and “no” to……we get what we tolerate.

Step 3) Shift your Level of Tolerance.

What are you currently putting up with? Are you tolerating scarcity? You are the sum of what you tolerate in your life.

Step 4) What’s Your Money Thermostat? 

Become aware of what your levels are and intentionally choose another level of minimum income. Start shifting what is blocking and inhibiting you from bringing in what you are envisioning. 

Step 5)  Recognise Your Limitations.

What’s holding you back? Fear? Work with knowing and understanding your fears, otherwise they will block your path and keep you small.

Step 6) Tapping in…..

Cultivate the million dollar version of yourself from the inside out. Ask yourself….What would it feel like, if I manifested what I have envisioned? 

Step 7) Physically Embody and Receive.

Can you receive? Are you programmed to receive abundance? Can you receive without deflecting? 

Step 8) Cultivate Your Circle.

Do you have a supportive inner circle? Are people supporting and encouraging you? Utilize your circle to energise and uplift you.

Step 9) Take Aligned Action.

What are you doing to actually create what you have envisioned? What are your steps to move forward, into that abundant lifestyle?

If you get stuck, re-trace the 9 steps until you have mastered them all. You can’t take aligned action until you have clarity around each of the steps.


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And remember…

You Absolutely Can Have it all

and you can give back as well.

Regan x