7 Days to a Kick-Ass New You

Are you ready to step up and change so you can have it all?

7 Days to a Kick-Ass New You

Are you ready to step up and

make a change?

Are you where you want to be?

Do you know that nothing is going to change until you change?

If you’re saying yes, that’s why Regan has put together this powerful 7-day intensive to share her most potent practices for rebooting your current reality by doing the deep inner work.

7 Days to a Kick-Ass New You is an intensive online mastermind that consists of 7 intensive daily trainings which are designed to kick you into massive alignment in ALL areas of your life so that you can have it all.

This intensive mastermind training is all about rebooting you and your
MINDSET from the inside out!

If you know that the key to changing anything in your external reality lies within you, from your relationships to money, career, then you are going to love this course. If you are a go-getter who wants the massive results, fast then this is for you.

You will…

Massively Shift Your Manifestation Results

Kickstart Your Reality From the Inside Out 

Get Massive Clarity on What You Desire in All Areas of Life

Discover How to Call Your Desires in From a State of Ease, Grace, and Flow

Completely Reboot Your Mindset

Identify & Release Your Limits

” Thank goodness I did it!!!

…I have much much more clarity on who I am and I'm going to OWN IT! For years I've been saying that I'm ‘just' a teacher and to be honest was a little embarrassed telling people when asked. Don't get me wrong I loveeeee teaching but I just felt that I wasn't doing enough to deserve the ‘title'. However, the training has just solidified my identities and i'm proud of them and going to OWN THEM like nobody's business.”

-Melissa A Porter

Who is it for?

This course is for you if:

You are ready to play full out

You deeply desire to have it all
You are an entrepreneur who is feeling capped in your results
You would like to understand manifestation from a place of alignment

You are ready to call in more money, health, freedom, and love

You are brand new to the idea manifestation and you don’t know where to start 

You’ve tried other mindset strategies that didn't help you 

You desire to play a much bigger game in your life or in business 

You seek clarity on what you truly desire  

” I loved this SO much!

…I didn’t want to come out. I was still dancing away after you said to open your eyes ? I’m discovering pain is my motivator for wealth, career and pleasure for health and life.”

-Tonia Koodrin

What will I learn?

Are you ready to change?

Getting clear on what you desire at your core 

And how to call in exactly what you want from a state of ease, grace, and flow 

Create massive external change by shifting internally in an intentional way
Rewire your unconscious identity

Reboot your external reality 

Get clear on exactly what is limiting you & Clear those limits, PRONTO!

The strategies and mindset for manifesting your dream life

Rewrite your unconscious identity 

Map out a success plan to get massive results FAST! 

How to DANCE with Fear and overcome it 

Identify any limiting beliefs and burn them

How to use pleasure & pain to motivate your subconscious in a huge way 

7 Days to a Kick Ass New You

It's time to change

When you join 7-Days to a Kick-Ass new You online intensive, you will receive 7-days of extremely powerful videos through the RHI App. These videos will guide you through the most potent processes Regan has for rebooting your external reality by shifting the inner one. You will also get invited to her private VIP Facebook Community for this course. Your journey will contain 7 life-changing lessons that will help you to gain clarity, activate, and lock in your new identity. You will be guided through deep internal rewiring processes as well as have assignments to work on each day that are designed to optimize your growth.

These life-changing processes come from a blend of Regan's own life experiences and lessons, as well as the wisdom from having invested more than half a million dollars into her mentors and coaches. Regan has found out what works and what doesn't when it comes to motivation and profound, internal change. In this intensive, she is passing on to you her most powerful processes which have helped her to build her multi-million dollar empire from a state of ease, grace, and flow.


Manifesting from a state of ease, grace, and flow means that the whole process is in alignment, and it feels good while you are doing it. For example, if you unconsciously fear that calling in $20K a month means more work or stress, your unconscious mind will block you from achieving that goal. When you rewire to understand that even big money can come from a place of ease, grace, and flow, then your mind relaxes and allows you to call it in faster. 

All too often we can get caught up in the DOING side of trying to force our manifestations to hurry up, and forcing what Regan likes to call ‘manufactured success.’ This is an exhausting process that leaves us feeling tapped out, stressed out, and unfulfilled. To the contrary, when you understand how to manifest from a state of ease, grace, and flow, the whole process feels right and comes from a place of alignment, which also skyrockets your results.


A limiting belief is a belief, often unconscious that we’ve carried for a very long time that keeps us playing small and safe. You can also have conscious limiting beliefs that you are aware of. These are often things like:

No one wants to hear what I have to say
Who am I to teach this
I’m not good enough
It matters what people think of me
I can’t make money doing what I love
Making money is hard
I can’t do this

And these are just a few of the limiting beliefs that follow us around through life. They are often linked to insecurities that we’ve picked up in life. A belief is nothing more than a thought that we’ve thought over and over again until we made it a fact in our minds, and our ideas about life and ourselves can be positive or negative, and they can hold us back.

By learning to identify and rewire your unconscious limiting beliefs, you will call in success in no time. The truth is this; if what you want hasn’t yet shown up for you, then there is a belief blocking you from it. When you remove limiting beliefs, you call in what you desire.

How does it work?

The Process

Regan will start off the course by introducing you to how to set the stage for success on your kick-ass new you journey and how to get clarity on what you desire at your core

Regan will introduce you to your unconscious identity, fears, and blocks and guide you into understanding how to use pleasure and pain for deep motivation

Regan will start off each day’s video by explaining what you will be focusing on for that day/task

Each day, you will then explore the different strategies and mindset practices to call in your kick-ass new self

These videos go deep. They are anywhere from about 30 minutes to just over an hour in length due to the powerful rewiring work you will be doing with Regan

Action Time! Regan will give you tasks and assignments each day that you are to complete outside the videos to accelerate your growth and get you results

what will i receive?

7 powerful videos sent via the RHI app over the course of 7 days

VIP access to the private Kick-Ass New You Facebook Group for coaching and accountability

Lifetime access to all the course content so you can work through it every single time you are ready for an uplevel or clarity in any area of your life
Option to upgrade to the VIP package where you will receive 2 personal 1:1 coaching sessions with an RHI Laser Coach to accelerate your learning and growth