Hi Love, Regan Here,

Can I share something with you?

For a long time I struggled to manifest my business goals. It felt like the harder I worked, the less I achieved.

Today, I have multi-million dollar clients around the world, and work more effectively and joyfully than ever before…

I work when and where I want, experiencing abundance, fulfilment and balance…

I know what you’re wondering: how?

Trust me, I get that question a lot!

And right now, I’m so excited to share with you one of the most powerful processes I use personally to expand and align my business using strong, fifth dimensional energy!

” It infused life back into the heart of my business

…a place I didn’t even know I was disconnected. It’s also helped me get clarity about something I’ve spent the last couple of months uncertain about – specifically about what direction I want to go with one of my income streams. This was something I hadn’t been able to get to the other side of, despite a strong daily meditation and mindset practice. And this happened after just one listen. But beyond all that, this training gave me a key piece that I had been missing in terms of how I had been conceptualizing my business in the first place, and why things hadn’t been flowing the way I wanted them to and felt they should be. If you’re looking for the bridge between your business and your Soul’s deeper truth, this is it.

-Tara Daylami

Manifesting Millions

This process helped me manifest my first million dollar year, And then my first million dollar MONTH!

And now you’ll experience its beautiful, profound impact on your business too.
Looking to grow your business or start a brand new one?
Do you seek alignment, expansion, and amazing results for your business?
Want to next-level your career with confidence
and clarity?

You Know You’re Ready!

You know you’re ready to next-level your results and hit all your business goals, and more…

And you know, now is the time… There’s nothing holding you back!

” I emerged fulfilled, happy, joyful

My experience was a perfectly paced, powerful punch-up on my activated business.

Part deep rest meditation, with an introduction on how to create a 3D business in the fifth dimension, I got into deep theta state, slowed the brainwaves down to be able to access higher levels of awareness in the unconscious.

I emerged fulfilled, happy, joyful and with a belief that the unfolding integration will impact me, my business and those that work with us in a meaningful way. I’m excited to see what’s around the corner.

-Jake Sasseville

Think For A Moment

About The Magical Impact This Activation Will Have For Your Business Goals!

You’re here because you are drawn to manifesting your purpose and living your best life.

Perhaps you’re an entrepreneur or business owner, and you know things could be more efficient, effective and successful. It’s like something is holding you back, but you can’t see what.

That’s why this activation is so powerful. It’s not a training for your mind.

It works at subconscious and energetic levels.

My 5D Business Activation provides a total shortcut through subconscious and energetic blockages, so you are fully aligned with multi-dimensional energy.

And trust me, the impact this has on every aspect of your business, is so exciting!

This Is A High-Impact, 30-Minute Game-Changer…

And all you have to do is find a quiet place, then relax and listen!

When we want to invite and implement change in our business or finances, we have to acknowledge what is happening on an energy level, and align energy dimensions…

Sound complicated? Here’s the secret:

It’s not.

It’s simply a matter of listening to this short, powerful activation – and embracing its immense impact on your energy and your business.

If you are looking to uplevel your business while feeling more powerful, more connected, more intuitive… you are exactly where you need to be right now!

” This activation is so extremely powerful

…bringing forward a wisdom and truth that touched me profoundly and I believe that I am changed, my business is expanded and my divine relationship to and with my business has a synergy that I don’t believe I’ve ever yet experienced; thank you.
In this activation, you helped me to sense what is in divine flow and what has been obstructing that flow. This activation gave me tools to let go, transmute and/or transform that which was a block and to then bring forward that divine flow and synergy that occurs when we are connecting to our divine purpose, our divine self, our divine business.

-Robin Bersson

Now Get Excited

For Truly Extraordinary, 5th Dimensional Results

My magical 5D Business Activation is your key to success: use it at any cycle or life point in your business to next-level your results.

Some like to deploy it at critical moments like the start of a new financial year…

For others, it’s an essential part of their weekly or even daily centering practice…

There’s no such thing as over-activation – you can let this powerful process renew and stoke your energy as often as you need!

Whether you’ve listened to my activations before or you’re listening for the first time, you will experience a powerful energetic renewal that shifts you into a new, golden level for you and your business…

All it takes is listening with an open heart & mind…

I promise, it’s that simple.

” A unique energetic tool

Regan is a powerhouse of spiritual guidance and business alchemy that raises you in embodying your life’s mission through all the layers of your life and business. This activation is a unique energetic tool for the awakened business leader.

-Natasha Rockström

So, What Is An Activation Like?

During my activations, I channel “light language” from other energy dimensions, so you might not interpret my words on a rational level.

That’s totally normal!

It’s because your subconscious is aligning with the frequency behind the words as your system integrates and recalibrates…

The activation sidesteps the rational mind, to target your magnificent subconscious, for immediate & impactful results.

You might experience sensations through your body, such as pulsations or vibrations… Your body temperature might change… You might fall asleep, or you might feel nothing….

It’s all good! There is no wrong way!

The only way the activation doesn’t work is if you don’t want it to!

So bring your open mind & open heart, & let’s get started…

You know you’re ready – that’s why you’re here right now… You’re at the perfect frequency to receive the divine wisdom and energy intelligence encapsulated in my 5D Business Activation.


I’ve saved the best news for last

Given how potent and impactful my 5D Business Activation is for you, it’s worth thousands of dollars. However, I want to make it available to as many people as possible, so instead I’m offering it for $197.

Even better?

I have removed $100, to allow you as one of the first people to take advantage of this activation, to have access to my 5D Business Activation for just $97.

Yes! That’s not a typo!


Universal wisdom and a full energy realignment
For you to use again and again
As often as you want
Whenever and wherever you please

” Truly the most powerful audio I’ve ever listened to

It is rare that one is able to find a business mentor, coach, strategist who is also to finely and accurately tunes to the Divine. In this activation for business Regan expertly, lovingly guides you into a wide open, receptive meditative state and then takes you along into a portal few know how to access where your soul can connect to its full potential. This activation was so enlightening that I could almost feel my dna shifting in the process! And my immediate gift was a greater sense of knowing and confidence to take the next steps towards success. Thank you Regan for removing any doubt that spiritual work is good business. And for shining a beacon of light into the world.

-Spryte Loriano

And Finally,

This amazing activation comes together as a package of three audio elements: the 5D Business Activation itself, a detailed explanation of how to use the activation, and another that explains how to fully integrate the subconscious and energetic shifts you experience.

For you, as one of the first people to take this opportunity, this whole package is yours for just $97…

I’m so excited and honored to share this journey with you… Let’s get started!

Speak soon.

Much love,

Regan xox

” It made a massive change in our approach and thus our success

Finished the 5D meditation for the 2nd time, and I was amazed at a couple very specific things that came through for me, that allowed me to instantly see my business differently, thus allowing me to nurture the functionality of our company, and navigate a new understanding with my business partner. What came through for me in my meditations with our company was the very clear vision that our company is a energetic being, almost an infant in a way. I never realized that we are raising this child (our business) through stages, and that we cannot run before we walk. The moment that shift happened for me, I had an immediate sense of compassion for the fumblings, and times where our business fell flat on its face. Nurturing a business through the lens of a parent, I was able to release so much tension around our business challenges. It was a subtle change in the perspective but it has made a massive change in our approach and thus our success.

-Sammy Taggett