5 Week Success Mindset Intensive

Take your life AND business to the next level


5 Week Success Mindset Intensive

Take your

life AND

business to

the next


Accelerated levels of abundance


This intensive, 5 week video training will give you all the high-level tools you need to up-level your life and your business. You will learn how to design your own success mindset ritual, get into alignment, move past all of your blocks and limits, take MASSIVE authentic action and accelerate your external results and MORE.


This powerful training is designed to give you tools to create HUGE shifts in ANY area of your life that you choose.


Whether you choose to focus on business, relationships, money, mindset, self-love, you will have the power to create ANY reality you choose. It's about not only changing your internal reality, but also your external reality across the board.

the 5 modules…

Week 1: Welcome To Success Mindset 5 Week

Week 2: Rewiring Your Mindset To Succeed

Week 3 : Overcoming Blocks And Limitations

Week 4: Conditioning Yourself To Take Massive Aligned Action Daily

Week 5: Accelerating Your Momentum Into The Future

” I got so many takeaways

I loved today's recording… I got so many takeaways… embracing overwhelm for one, WOW… I always thought that meant I should take a break… love thinking of it as the moment that proceeds the breakthrough and keeps going. Also, sleep manifestation!!!!! YES… so incorporating this into my practice starting tonight.”

-Meegan Gibson

Learn the secrets to happiness and success

Regan’s life was dramatically changed by ONE powerful bit of advice her mentor gave to her.


Success is 80% mindset, and 20% strategy.


He asked her… ‘What are you doing right now to work on that 80%?’

It was this question that catapulted Regan into an entirely new way of thinking that changed not only her business but also ALL areas of Regan’s life she wanted to improve.

This training teaches you the exact steps Regan took to recondition her entire approach to her life and business and start getting the results she KNEW she had the potential to achieve.